Six Primaries Underway

Six states hold their Democratic primary elections today: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington. Polls give former Vice President Joe Biden double-digit leads in five of them, against his only real opponent left standing, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is ahead in recent Washington State polls. This primary has become as predictable as New England … Continue reading Six Primaries Underway

Confused by Vocal Vegans

I rarely mention my eating habits. Unless we’re planning to eat together you might never know. I'm a vegan. I am as vegan as the next vegan, but last night made me ashamed to be a vegan. I finally determined why people dislike us. We are not represented well. Vocal vegans ruin it for everybody. … Continue reading Confused by Vocal Vegans

Early Votes Null

Early voters are typically more engaged in the political process than those who may or may not show up on Election Day. They have given their vote enough consideration to plan ahead by not risking long lines, broken machines, the confusion of location changes, purged registration, or the typical crush of Election Day. That makes … Continue reading Early Votes Null

Republicans in Kentucky, like those in Wisconsin, Georgia, and North Carolina, Decry the Will of Voters

Google ”Wisconsin sore loser,” and the face of Scott Walker pops up. 👇🏼 The former Wisconsin Governor who lost, his seat and then his head to a Democratic political opponent in 2018, metaphorically burned the office down on his way out. He changed laws during his lame-duck period, to disempower his state's next Governor, Tony … Continue reading Republicans in Kentucky, like those in Wisconsin, Georgia, and North Carolina, Decry the Will of Voters

Virginia is Blue

Loudoun Country Virginia wins first place for most heart-warming election results in the 2019 cycle. Why? Speaking of cycles (groan)— Juli Briskman, the cyclist, famously photographed flipping off the orange motorcade, is the newly elected Board of Supervisors Official for Loudoun Country, which happens to be the location of the Virginia 🖕🏼Rump National Golf Club, … Continue reading Virginia is Blue