The title of my last post wrongly said that Trump conceded. It was a mistake, I realized as I hit publish. I meant to say he agreed to comply with Biden’s transition, which is what I wrote in the text of my post. This is great news for us all, it means Biden can hit … Continue reading *Correction*

Today’s News Synopsis, Because Enough Already

Update: Biden has been declared winner! President-Elect Biden gives birth to a calming effect that lulls me into a peacefulness that has become unnatural. I have taken time to celebrate the sun rising through the fog, but I’ve advanced to worry about Trump’s lame-duck period. I’d like to know if there are there any responsible … Continue reading Today’s News Synopsis, Because Enough Already

Waiting for Election Results

Joe Biden continues to hold a national lead 51%-48% in this election. He has received over 72 million votes so far, more votes than any presidential candidate in history, breaking a record set by Barack Obama. He has nearly four million more votes than Trump, who also broke Obama’s record number of votes. What that … Continue reading Waiting for Election Results

Election Day – Let’s Finish This

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-02/judge-expresses-skepticism-on-bid-to-invalidate-texas-votes Okay, I was more than a little stressed when I wrote my last post, but since then: Case closed: The Texas Supreme Court has thrown out a Republican lawsuit asking the court to invalidate 127,000 votes cast in a drive-through polling station in Harris County, Texas. https://www.newsweek.com/trump-supporters-that-harassed-biden-bus-were-armed-operation-organized-private-facebook-group-1544215?amp=1 The efforts to suppress and intimidate voters … Continue reading Election Day – Let’s Finish This

Today is a Great Day to Vote Blue

Election Day, Tuesday, November 03 is three days away, but in actuality, most of October was Election Day. November 03 is your last chance to vote. More than 89 million votes are in, and it is anticipated that more people will vote in this election than in any of our nation's history. In Texas, a … Continue reading Today is a Great Day to Vote Blue

Eleven Ah ha ha! Eleven Days Left to Vote!

We survived the presidential debates, and now we have no excuse not to vote early— today if your state allows it. November 3rd is only eleven days away, and America’s first Putin placed POTUS is at the end of his noose. With an empty bag of tricks, his administration has resorted to following through with … Continue reading Eleven Ah ha ha! Eleven Days Left to Vote!