Six Primaries Underway

Six states hold their Democratic primary elections today: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington. Polls give former Vice President Joe Biden double-digit leads in five of them, against his only real opponent left standing, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is ahead in recent Washington State polls.

This primary has become as predictable as New England weather; which is to say it has been unpredictable.

If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes. ~Mark Twain

The race has come full circle. Popularity bounced from Biden to Bernie, to Warren, to Buttigieg, to Bloomberg. The wind tried to strike the sails of Klobuchar, O’Rourke, and Harris, but their campaigns never gained the momentum Biden has.

Because our voting system can not be simple, to win the primaries you have to win delegates. There are 3,979 up for grabs and a simple majority wins the nomination unless the combined weight of the delegates divided by the combined ages of the candidates equals 2,020. [👈🏻 not true] I don’t get it, but as the electoral college for the final election, if the numbers are close there will be arguments. Anticipation is electric, but the animosity will be volatile.

Speaking of animosity, Bernie has been anchored by his large group of divisive supporters who have displayed an ugliness reflective of the current administration. Trump is pulling for Bernie, adding to the image that a Bernie presidency would be a variation of what we have now. Bernie has an “existential problem” that no one is addressing. The age of his biggest group of supporters is young, and they haven’t been showing up to vote.

Attack ads are in full swing, with attempts to paint Biden as suffering from various afflictions caused by age-related mental decline. These attacks are coming from Sanders and Trump- and trolls online are spreading the story.

Considering the erratic behavior of the Covfefe in Chief, this accusation is ludicrous. Moreover, the three candidates vying for the presidency, Trump, Bernie, and Biden are in the same demographic: they’re old white men. They cancel each other out in the argument of age.

This race will come down to who voters feel they can trust, good versus evil, not who’s the loudest and most malicious.

Another reality is that two of the three candidates will not walk away after voters have spoken. Bernie will do what he did in 2016, divide the party, and Trump will have to be carried out in a straightjacket, by armed guards, followed by a chain gang parade of his cabinet, family, and several members of Congress. They should be free of their “self-quarantine,” after having been exposed to the coronavirus, by then.

while six primaries are underway, six members of Congress are self- quarantined: Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Doug Collins, Paul Gosar, Julia Brownley, and Mark Meadows all spent time at the CPAC convention with a person confirmed to have the coronavirus. Pence and Trump have also been exposed, but they won’t admit it. Pictures don’t lie.

We may never know the real number of those infected in the United States because our federal government is controlling and limiting testing. By restricting testing, the number of confirmed cases is artificially low. This is Trump covering up his bungling response to the virus he called a hoax for a month. It would be ironic if he fell victim, don’t ya think?

5 thoughts on “Six Primaries Underway

  1. Don’t even get me started – I mean, how could we know this could happen (his response to disbanding the preparedness team when he took office)… pandemics have only happened every 5-10 years for hundreds of years…sorry, guess I started…well, it will probably end in April anyway.

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