3rd Party Delusions

2016 was the year we learned

Of a faction, seemingly concerned,

With public good and social welfare

The Green Party, they really don’t care

Doctor Jill Stein, you may recall

Her 3rd Party siphoned and forestalled

Democratic votes. What? She broke bread

With Putin? Stein’s agenda misled

Knowing she can’t win, announced intent

2020 run for President!

The traitor acts solely to dilute

Liberal votes, she can attribute


Trump’s win to her participation…

A new candidate seeks donations:

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, is the latest

Saboteur, unqualified egotist


A billionaire, unlimited free

Exposure infiltrating TV

There is a valid explanation

Billionaires want to run the nation


3rd party candidates injected

Aid Trump in being re-elected

Trump’s anti Schultz tweets meant to deflect

A conspiracy, what I suspect

They are friends and neighbors. This was planned

Just one more self serving rich man

He’s an “independent” candidate

Who likes his tax cut, at any rate.


Schultz: “I don’t want to talk in the hypothetical about what I would do if I was president.”


Asked during a recent interview

If he’d raise tax… I’ll explain to you

**News Flash!** It’s not hypothetical

If you are running, you imbecile


Another group who are raising alarm

Bernie Sanders’ fan base, doing harm

Attacking democratic party

I’ve come to question old Bernie


His campaign strategist has been named

Manafort’s list… will Bernie be blamed?

Why did he fail to vote to maintain

Russian sanctions? What does he gain?


His voting record merits mention

Explain the deal with Deripaska

He talks the talk “Medicare for all”

Votes with Trump… the writing’s on the wall


Starbucks, Built By Trump Challenger Howard Schultz, Rents Space From President In 3 Buildings

Trump on Sunday lifts sanctions on businesses linked to Russian oligarch tied to Manafort


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