Friday Was a Very Good Day… a limerick

Yesterday was a very good day

Rodger Stone was taken away

The chants by the crowd

“Lock him up!” roared loud

Sanders: “Stone’s not linked to Trump.” Yeah, ok.




Unpaid FBI agents arrested

Assange go between while he rested

Under cover of night

CNN guessed it right

Stone surrendered led away unmolested




Day 1 Trump refused the very SAME DEAL

Games Agent Orange played to buy Russian steel

35 days passed

Trump’s ratings fell fast

President Pelosi brought Trump to heel




Pelosi showed strength, leadership, and class

She schooled Trump, as none have done in the past

Who could be better

Woman go getter

To take down a misogynist jackass




And for this one we have a Greek Chorus:

“After Obama’s 8 years in office

Zero indictments

Just raw excitement

We defer to math man Pythagoras”:




Trump’s reign— 2 years of destruction to date

Number of indictments— 90- no debate

Person 34

Was Stone, there’ll be more

If Trump were 45 life would be great




The free world has another leader

To assist Merkel, the UN needs her

Pelosi, we’re proud

To detach from loud

Adderol snorting, Lyin King, tweeter




Friday was a very good day.

3 thoughts on “Friday Was a Very Good Day… a limerick

  1. Don’t overplay this. It is clear that “I call her ‘Nancy” has both guts and brains…she made it so that he had serious skin in the reopening government game. But if the neo-cons (as in confidence tricksters, such as Coulter, Ingraham and “Judge” Janine, not conservatives) get too fired up he’ll continue to randomly, and egregiously, hurt regular people (like FBI agents, TSA, air traffic controllers, the Coast Guard and other “non-essential” government workers) in his attempts to go back to his favorite part of being president: “executive time” spent each morning, happily playing with the “mushroom man from Mario” in the glow of approval from Fox and Fiends (no I don’t mean “friends”).

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