Republicans in Kentucky, like those in Wisconsin, Georgia, and North Carolina, Decry the Will of Voters

Google ”Wisconsin sore loser,” and the face of Scott Walker pops up. 👇🏼 The former Wisconsin Governor who lost, his seat and then his head to a Democratic political opponent in 2018, metaphorically burned the office down on his way out. He changed laws during his lame-duck period, to disempower his state's next Governor, Tony … Continue reading Republicans in Kentucky, like those in Wisconsin, Georgia, and North Carolina, Decry the Will of Voters

You Lost Me at Gabbard

Let me say up front, I’ll vote for whoever the democratic nominee is. I only ever vote that way. I am not one for bashing candidates who might end up as the nominee, but I think we can still discuss concerns. I’d vote for a ham sandwich at this point, and I’m a vegan, so … Continue reading You Lost Me at Gabbard

Buttigieg and More

Yesterday I spent about 90 minutes compiling information for my post, and when I was ready to publish, it vanished. It has happened before. Operator error. Something I could have safeguarded against if I wasn't, ya know... lazy. I took it as a sign from above (my WiFi signal) that I needed to take a … Continue reading Buttigieg and More

3rd Party Delusions

2016 was the year we learned Of a faction, seemingly concerned, With public good and social welfare The Green Party, they really don’t care Doctor Jill Stein, you may recall Her 3rd Party siphoned and forestalled Democratic votes. What? She broke bread With Putin? Stein's agenda misled Knowing she can't win, announced intent 2020 run … Continue reading 3rd Party Delusions

Will Trump Ever Go Away?

I’m sooo tired of writing about this. If anyone is still reading my posts please accept my apologies. I believe there is a medical disorder associated with my ennui. (That’s French) It has yet to be named, so I’ll call it “Depressident.” No, I’m not a doctor, but I google webmd frequently. The symptoms are … Continue reading Will Trump Ever Go Away?

Dr. Jill Stein’s Twitter Storm

A good day to tweet indeed. Those under investigation for collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election have a new addition. Jill Stein, pretender to the throne of the Green Party, has joined the fun. The lady doth protest too much. Me thinks  something is rotten in the state of the Green Party. You … Continue reading Dr. Jill Stein’s Twitter Storm