A Limerick for IQ45

Those put out of work don’t matter to him

Government shutdown response was a whim

For funding his wall

$5 billion in all

With “Steel slats” closing in, all appears grim


Propelling the market’s rapid descent

Some 401k’s lost 20%

Gift Syrian land

And Afghanistan

To Putin sans General Mattis’ consent


Mattis stepped down, and that seemed about right

ISIS Envoy McGurk called it a night

No grownups left

Trump’s focus— theft

Putin’s commenced full U.S. oversight


Dems take the house on January 3

I’d like to see Trump and traitor VP

Forcibly removed

He would be behooved

To #ResignTrump… I say just wait and see


To Trump’s diehard fans, I would not judge you

Focus: election safety, full review

No red mud slinging,

calling the right wing

Sofa king stupid, like those who eat glue


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