People in Politics Today

This morning we learned the shocking news of the untimely death at age 68, of Congressman Elija Cummings. Representative Elijah Cummings, was a Democrat from Baltimore, a civil rights advocate who became one of the White House squatter's fiercest opponents in Congress and was frequently on the receiving end of his racially undertoned barbs. It … Continue reading People in Politics Today

Two Tales of a Saudi

It’s been a horrifying news week, even more than usual. Ethnic cleansing is underway in the middle east because no one can control the madman Putin installed in the White House. Thousands of US Troops were removed from northern Syria, which was seen as a green light to the Turks to begin dropping bombs, their … Continue reading Two Tales of a Saudi

In Adderol Veritas

Everyone is speaking Latin these days. An overused GOP catchphrase last week among the supporters of this regime— “There was no quid pro quo.” I don't want to brag, but Latin was my first language. It's what I speak at home to my dogs, but because they rarely respond, I was a little rusty on … Continue reading In Adderol Veritas

A Limerick for IQ45

Those put out of work don't matter to him Government shutdown response was a whim For funding his wall $5 billion in all With "Steel slats" closing in, all appears grim ~ Propelling the market's rapid descent Some 401k's lost 20% Gift Syrian land And Afghanistan To Putin sans General Mattis' consent ~ Mattis stepped … Continue reading A Limerick for IQ45

An Early Summer Day’s Dream

Frantic persistent president  Pestering one and all Kushner, Coates, Pompéi, Rosenstein, Sessions—(racist elf screwball) ~ Trump had pulled each of them aside  Late winter, early spring Asked them inappropriately To 'fix the Russia thing' ~ That FBI guy James Comey  Wouldn't pledge his loyalty He doesn't seem to get it— That "Apprentice" me! ~ … Continue reading An Early Summer Day’s Dream

Trump—101 Day Summation—Via Word Association 

These are my expostulations Of an event beyond imagination An electoral college upset expectations Installed thanks to Russian insinuation  Leading to an arguably rainy inauguration  Alternate truth— a Trump foundation  Regardless of his cognitive limitations  A crowd size yuge— with magnification Popular vote loss— his preoccupation  He employs his friends and their relations  Both Kushners … Continue reading Trump—101 Day Summation—Via Word Association