Funeral Crashers… a poem

Pittsburgh’s Mayor has asked Donald Trump not to visit 

While they “bury the dead” — that request’s explicit 

And while Trump is “endangering minorities”

With his racist rhetoric, foul priorities

Jewish leaders have also asked him to stay out 

As with everything else this is only about

Trump… an idea from Kremlin Barbie, fake Jew 

Who crashed John McCains funeral- it’s nothing new

The burial request did not ask much, did it?

Guess who planned a trip today— Mrs Complicit

Donald J(ackass)Trump, third lady “Melanie” 

And the Jarvanka will go, disrespectfully,

I’m afraid I’ll injure myself shaking my head

Or lose my voice as I shout at what I have read

He’s off to the scene of murders he incited

Where is Mueller, and when will Trump be indicted?

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