Mississippi is Hiring De-boners

The sight of *BREAKING NEWS* has no power over me. It has been overused. There is only so much a person can process. Important reports are overlooked, often by design, when news is timed to distract from something the administration wants us to miss. The double mass-shootings on August 3, 2019, woke the press who … Continue reading Mississippi is Hiring De-boners

These Are the Times That Try Con Men’s Souls—

If Don the con had a soul, these would be hard times. Pedo-buddy Imprisoned1. The lyin’ king’s old friend, child pimp Jeffrey Epstein did not get away; no bail escapes for Trump’s pedophile sex offender friend. What was found in his apartment, what does he know, and what will he share if this goes to … Continue reading These Are the Times That Try Con Men’s Souls—

Dont forget the Child Rape Accusation

In 2010 Jeffrey Epstein was asked under oath whether or not he had ever “socialized” with Trump with underage girls — he plead the fifth. What does individual one do when he is credibly accused in a federal lawsuit of raping a child, and there is a witness? He reminds us he is a racist, … Continue reading Dont forget the Child Rape Accusation

Epstein, Decision on Release Pending Trial Postponed

This morning a federal judge postponed until Thursday a determination on the release pending trial of serial pedophile, rapist, child sex trafficker for the elite, Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein’s attorneys are requesting "home arrest" while he awaits a court date for his crimes. This well-connected billionaire with three passports is a flight risk. The mere consideration … Continue reading Epstein, Decision on Release Pending Trial Postponed

Two Leaders, Two Days Later

Donald Trump bemoans his plight of shame Kellyanne Conway Confirms his blame Urging people to read New Zealand shooter's creed Trump inspired him, he's mentioned by name Shooter and Trump both display WhitePower sign. "A symbol of renewed white identity & common purpose," Kellyanne Conway's description of Gunman's thoughts on Trump Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, … Continue reading Two Leaders, Two Days Later

Cheap Labor… a limerick

The FBI has confiscated Some documents, they're Trump related Illegals employed Job hunters annoyed The hypocrisy can't be debated ~ potASS Donald Trump is as cheap as f🖕🏼ck A hardcore racist but, a buck’s a buck “Lost” Socials unbarred Doles out fake green cards When H2B visas have run their luck FBI collected fake green … Continue reading Cheap Labor… a limerick