Tithing for Taxpayers

Just a quick follow up to yesterday’s post regarding the billionaires, politicians, and their families who were recipients of the C-19 relief money that was intended to keep small businesses afloat: The Evangelical church received $7.3 billion from that fund That’s it, I just want to update you on my post’s inadvertent omission, but I’m … Continue reading Tithing for Taxpayers

It’s Not Over, Calm Down

In my last post, I expressed, among other things, confusion at the conflicting information in the news. On April 8, nearly every news organization optimistically reported a level of success over COVID-19. The implication was clear, the end of stay-at-home orders might be announced soon, because we have “flattened the curve,” and the projected 200,000 … Continue reading It’s Not Over, Calm Down

Two Leaders, Two Days Later

Donald Trump bemoans his plight of shame Kellyanne Conway Confirms his blame Urging people to read New Zealand shooter's creed Trump inspired him, he's mentioned by name Shooter and Trump both display WhitePower sign. "A symbol of renewed white identity & common purpose," Kellyanne Conway's description of Gunman's thoughts on Trump Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, … Continue reading Two Leaders, Two Days Later

Funeral Crashers… a poem

Pittsburgh’s Mayor has asked Donald Trump not to visit  While they “bury the dead” — that request’s explicit  And while Trump is “endangering minorities” With his racist rhetoric, foul priorities Jewish leaders have also asked him to stay out  As with everything else this is only about Trump... an idea from Kremlin Barbie, fake Jew  … Continue reading Funeral Crashers… a poem

A News Story, and a Limerick, Followed by a Bible Verse

Prominent evangelical leader on Khashoggi crisis: let’s not risk “$100 billion worth of arms sales” This is Christianity today How I wonder what Jesus would say Although I suppose  It’s easy to know Check His book, read it, and pray: Matthew 23.37-39: ‘Your people have killed the prophets and have stoned the messengers who were … Continue reading A News Story, and a Limerick, Followed by a Bible Verse