Pathetic Poetic Particularization

Georgia: shameless systemic suppression 

North Carolina: sins similarly seen

Texas: Cruz defrauds devoid of discretion

Cheesehead complaints: contaminated touch screens


Disenfranchisement dispatched, done unquestioned

GOP’s foregone fleecing, it was foreseen

Absentee, early voting, registration

Mailed letters long “lost” by blatant libertines



Missing migrant minors milled in procession 

Tucked in tents at twilight, then no longer seen

Kidnapped by “Christians”: Pence, Nielson and Sessions

Compassionless Klan culture, a careless scheme



A Trump fan with pipe bombs and bold aggression

Assassination attempts… at least thirteen

A violent anti-democrat obsession

Against those patriots who would intervene 



Treasonous traitors treading toward destruction

Trump incites cultish attendees at rallies 

Malignant narcissist’s displayed expression

“Choose kindness” ~Third Lady Migrant “Melanie”



Jamal Khashoggi killed, violent oppression

Tyrant Tump’s tale to be told through history

Repudiates reporters, their profession 

Applauds and advocates attacks… memory? 



To him, what’s worse than touched upon transgressions?

More morbid than the “Massacre, Bowling Green” 

Turncoat Tump lost followers… OH DEPRESSION!  

All his bots and trolls on twitter were wiped clean


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