The First Ten Candidate Debate

Last night rang in the first democratic debate for the 2020 presidential election. Of the 24 candidates, 20 qualified for the debates. Only 20 🙄. What happened to the missing four? Three of the disqualified did not meet the strict qualification standards, which include, but are not limited to: Garnering 1% support in three polls … Continue reading The First Ten Candidate Debate

We the Snowflakes…

❄️Happy New year!❄️ Moving on... I have been listening to the most exhaustively exhausting topic to emerge so far this year. I know it's not yet noon on the east coast on the first day of the year, but still... shut up with regards this subject. ❄️ Okay, so it has actually been conjectured ad … Continue reading We the Snowflakes…

Stick a Fork in Trump… He’s Done

And he knows it: The threats have commenced. I must admit, as an overachiever, I went to bed disappointed last night. Sure we libtards took back the house, but Senate control was retained by Vladamir Putin’s Party... and we lost Beto and Gillum and... 💤 😴 This morning I decided to look at the bright … Continue reading Stick a Fork in Trump… He’s Done

Pathetic Poetic Particularization

Georgia: shameless systemic suppression  North Carolina: sins similarly seen Texas: Cruz defrauds devoid of discretion Cheesehead complaints: contaminated touch screens ~ Disenfranchisement dispatched, done unquestioned GOP’s foregone fleecing, it was foreseen Absentee, early voting, registration Mailed letters long “lost” by blatant libertines ~ ~ Missing migrant minors milled in procession  Tucked in tents at … Continue reading Pathetic Poetic Particularization

Ted Cruz… a poem

Ted Cruz tells Texas: fear Beto O’Rourke He wants to take your guns, then your salt pork! Be concerned, he’ll make us California! Dye your hair, then remember... I warned ya Of silicon... but I mean silicone We're the lone star state, just leave us alone Don’t let smooth talker’s common sense dethrone Me! We’re … Continue reading Ted Cruz… a poem