This Administration’s Legacy

Yes, I’m writing about the migrant children again, for good reason. The deadline for the Trump administration to reunify families separated at the border was eight days ago.

“These Kids Are Traumatized”: What Happens to Immigrant Children Once They’re Released?

Many children were returned, all of them changed as a result of their time in Trump’s detention centers.

A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same

The Trump administration was warned of ‘traumatic psychological injury’ from family separations, but they did what they wanted to do regardless, torture immigrants.

Trump administration was warned of ‘traumatic psychological injury’ from family separations, official says – PBS NewsHour

Another injustice toward these families is the financial burden they are put under in order to reunite. Parents must pay the airfare to fly their children to them, as well as the round trip airfare of the companion assigned to transport the child. The Government of the United States kidnapped and then flew migrant children across the country, to house them in random detention centers, but will not pay to fly them back.

Stories of traumatized children and the financial burdens placed on their families, as horrid as they are, are the happy endings.

It is estimated that at least 559 migrant children remain separated from their parents. Who knows what the actual number is, or where the parents are. It is impossible to know because records were destroyed.

Report: Records Linking Detained Immigrant Kids, Parents ‘Destroyed’ – The Daily Beast

A headline in the news this week was one of “the first death of a child a detention center”-

The girl’s death reportedly resulted from a respiratory illness and the negligent care she received while at Dilley Family Detention Center in South Texas.

ICE denies the claim, not that the child died, but when. They say the child died after being released.

ICE denies claim that a migrant child died in custody at a Texas detention facility

In August of 2017, the ACLU reported-ICE requested national archives records of death and abuse be purged.

ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths in Custody | American Civil Liberties Union

Based on the many stories of destroyed records, I have a hard time believing this was the first child to die in custody… or if ICE is correct, the first death soon after release.

Another number floating in the press is 264. There were 264 allegations of child sex abuse at detention centers, reported by HHS to the FBI, in 2017.

Not among the 264, sexually abused last year, are eight boys sexually molested this year. Without taking the trouble to complete a background check, a worker was hired by Southwest Key Immigrant Shelter in Mesa Arizona, despite a history of sexual assault. The worker is HIV positive.

Worker Charged With Sexually Molesting Eight Children at Immigrant Shelter

All these children were taken from the protection of their parents and put in the care of pedophiles by the government of the United States of America.

Ivanka, complicit first daughter, says “the child separation was a low point” for the administration. “Was” implies it has been resolved. It has not.

Melania, who really doesn’t care, visited two of the better detention centers, but never actually toured the facilities.

So what now? What is the Trump administration doing to reunite these remaining 559 children? They’re telling the ACLU to locate the separated migrant parents.

Trump administration wants ACLU to locate separated migrant parents

Trump’s people botch their crimes against humanity, then order the ACLU to clean it up.

DHS & HHS Under Investigation for Destroying Immigrant Family Records – CREW

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services are both under investigation for destroying immigrant family records, but that isn’t helping the children whose parents can not be located by a government not trying to locate them.

And the final story I’ll link to my post today, is equally upsetting— A Federal Judge has ordered the government to seek consent before medicating migrant children: NPR

Federal Judge Orders Government To Seek Consent Before Medicating Migrant Children : NPR

A Federal Judge had to order the government to seek consent before medicating migrant children? Yes, this is our government.

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