This Administration’s Legacy

Yes, I'm writing about the migrant children again, for good reason. The deadline for the Trump administration to reunify families separated at the border was eight days ago. “These Kids Are Traumatized”: What Happens to Immigrant Children Once They’re Released? Many children were returned, all of them changed as a result of their time in … Continue reading This Administration’s Legacy

When TRUMP Acts Guilty… a limerick

~ Nixon and Trump, often set side by side Watergate, Russia—sautéed, deep fried Nixon's goal, who knew 1972 Trump had help in 16. It's denied ~ Both attacked our democracy, Constitution, elections free The rule of our law A muse, Putin saw Trump should try an insanity plea ~ There are similarities. ~ Nixon attacked … Continue reading When TRUMP Acts Guilty… a limerick

Trump’s Ten Tweet Morning

Something big and bad must be underway in the White House. Uncontrollable repeated tweeting is Trump's tell, his non-verbal giveaway, that he's upset, and not necessarily about that which he tweets. Caps are chum in the water. Here is the first clue, first tweet of the morning. Trump tells something big was LEAKED by … Continue reading Trump’s Ten Tweet Morning

Paper Ballots and #2 Pencils

During a long hearing on Wednesday, cybersecurity officials of the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  In addition to confirming what we already knew— Russia waged a cyber war against us in the 2016 presidential election in attempt to guarantee a Trump win, we also … Continue reading Paper Ballots and #2 Pencils

Sessions Session, and Yay It Rhymes

He can't recall exactly  Would you repeat that please I'm not aware of anything That answer should appease ~ Contempt of congress with a smile  And southern hospitality Jeff Sessions can't answer by virtue  Of "confidentiality"  ~ That isn't a choice offered To refuse an answer "just incase" At some future date or time Or … Continue reading Sessions Session, and Yay It Rhymes