Bill Barr’s Gestapo

Unidentifiable armed groups of federal vigilantes, working on the order of Attorney General Bill Barr, are acting without the approval of local authorities in Portland. They do not follow the local police protocol, nor do they coordinate their efforts. I'm not the first to wonder if this group has ties to Trump ally, former Navy … Continue reading Bill Barr’s Gestapo

“That Would be Hard”

This, the pro life party’s response To the question: Where are all those children You held detention? Those kidnapped by ice, Not returned to their parents There may be one or two Imposing impairments TRUMP’s White House, According to the ACLU Filed documents on Friday That do not dispute Recent reports stating There may have … Continue reading “That Would be Hard”

This Administration’s Legacy

Yes, I'm writing about the migrant children again, for good reason. The deadline for the Trump administration to reunify families separated at the border was eight days ago. “These Kids Are Traumatized”: What Happens to Immigrant Children Once They’re Released? Many children were returned, all of them changed as a result of their time in … Continue reading This Administration’s Legacy


WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE: Allow their government to reverse the environmental regulations that protect food, air, and water? WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE: Take healthcare from the sick, food from the hungry, and shelter from the elderly? WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE: Take money from the poor to give more to those who already hoard half the … Continue reading WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE?

Three Words for Sarah Sanders: Gay Wedding Cake

Poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Her deft work for the commander Has turned her into a villain... And to quote the great Bob Dylan He said: "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." Need I explain? Sarah, you lack self awareness. If you don't see the unfairness, This evil administration Will define you the … Continue reading Three Words for Sarah Sanders: Gay Wedding Cake