First Lady’s Parents Sworn Citizens… a limerick

No children kidnapped in the night "Chain Migration" without an ice fight No country to flee Klan of "Melanie" “This is an example of it going white right” First lady Melania Trump's immigrant parents are sworn in as U.S. citizens - USA TODAY

This Administration’s Legacy

Yes, I'm writing about the migrant children again, for good reason. The deadline for the Trump administration to reunify families separated at the border was eight days ago. “These Kids Are Traumatized”: What Happens to Immigrant Children Once They’re Released? Many children were returned, all of them changed as a result of their time in … Continue reading This Administration’s Legacy

Melania Makin Copies FLotUS is to Plagiarism As PotUS is to... what rhymes... racism Ob(ama)sessed, these Trumps who cheat She copies, while he repeals every feat ~ In 2016 she stole from Michelle A speech from 08, it didn’t go well In this White House, what’s one more liddle cheat? I vant a platform, zees brochure is … Continue reading Melania Makin Copies