Epstein Never Stopped Preying on Girls and Young Women

Old news, we all knew this, but let’s review: Ten years ago when Jeffrey Epstein should have received a life sentence for his repeated sex-crimes against young girls, he was given a plea deal by Alex Acosta who was then U.S. States Attorney in Miami. The deal included exoneration for any others (who?) involved in … Continue reading Epstein Never Stopped Preying on Girls and Young Women

Epstein Found Semi-Consious

Convicted sex offender and accused child sex trafficker/pedophile rapist, Jeffrey Epstein, jailed since July 6, was found in his Manhattan prison cell last night: "injured and in a fetal position, semi-conscious, with marks around his neck." No one cares, but there is a widespread debate underway on the topic of what exactly happened and why. … Continue reading Epstein Found Semi-Consious

Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Clear your calendars for Wednesday. Tell your Trump-supporting acquaintances, your politically apathetic friends, and the willfully disinterested who don't realize our country is in a sinkhole, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will finally testify. Republican’s in Congress are preparing to use their allotted time to paint Robert Mueller, a Republican war hero, as biased, and … Continue reading Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Epstein’s Bail Denied

Today, Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted pedophile accused of sexually abusing dozens of girls, has been denied bail by a federal judge. He will remain in jail pending trial. Last week prosecutors entered Epstein’s New York mansion finding, among other things, a passport with a photo of Epstein, under a different name and date of birth, … Continue reading Epstein’s Bail Denied

Dont forget the Child Rape Accusation

In 2010 Jeffrey Epstein was asked under oath whether or not he had ever “socialized” with Trump with underage girls — he plead the fifth. What does individual one do when he is credibly accused in a federal lawsuit of raping a child, and there is a witness? He reminds us he is a racist, … Continue reading Dont forget the Child Rape Accusation

How will Barr Influence Epstein’s Case?

The short duration of outrage at crimes committed by Cheetolini is chronic. He has his gift of distraction, but he also has helpers who make his sins disappear. Whatever happened with the SDNY investigation into individual 1’s campaign finance violations, the violations that landed his then-attorney, Michael Cohen in prison? The investigation was quietly closed, … Continue reading How will Barr Influence Epstein’s Case?