Koch and Trump— There’s Something Happening Here…

It’s no secret, the GOP is worried about November elections.

They have refused to secure our hackable voting system, because they need to cheat to win, but that’s another post.

The GOP is worried. This kleptocracy’s frenzied pillaging of tax dollars, social services, environmental and financial regulations, has exposed them for what they are, corrupt traitors. The tide of public opinion has finally turned against them and they fear it will result in, what has been tagged by political oceanographers as, the blue wave… expected to hit land on November 6, 2018.

Unless the GOP cheats, or resorts to propaganda and manipulation, they’re done, in my humble o.

An example of the manipulation of which I speak is now underway. You may remember the billionaire Koch brothers. They, along with the Mercers and the Russians, are running this country behind the scenes.

The GOP tax scam was written to the specifications of the Koch brother’s and Mercers. The Koch family alone saves $1.4 billion thanks to the GOP tax scam.

They reward their best employees.

Two days ago, the Koch brother’s network sent congress a message: We’re happy to back Democrats who share our policy goals.

Koch network sends GOP a message: We’re happy to back Democrats who share our policy goals 

They’ve cast their net for Democrats who can be bought. Nets are made of strings, and this offer is no exception. They mean to undermine the Democratic Party as they did the Republican Party.

This net could catch not only corrupt democrats, but it serves as a means to protect the reputation of GOP by giving ownership of the Koch family stench to the Democrats… before November midterm elections.

The big fish targeted by this net are: the preservation of Trump’s banking and epa deregulation, and of course the tax scam.

The Dodd Frank bank regulation was put in place after the financial crisis of 2008, to safeguard the public from predatory lending and world markets from another financial collapse. Read the article. The Koch brothers have spun it into something that sounds vital for American families. It led to record number foreclosures… which served real estate developers, like Trump and Kushner, well.

The Koch brothers know their corruption has been exposed, and they’re playing a game on order to give the public the impression that they’re now working for the Democrats… to keep the GOP in power… this is simply manipulation.

The New York Times reported yesterday that Trump will bypass congress in order to push through another tax cut for the elite, $1 billion this time.

Trump Administration Mulls a Unilateral Tax Cut for the Rich – The New York Times

Today Trump is playing the part of anti Koch politician, because he doesn’t think the public is capable of stringing together two news stories.

Trump’s anti Koch rhetoric—

See this for what it is. Sorry, the best word to describe it is bullshit. Trump isn’t cutting another billion off the Koch tax bill because he cares about the American worker. The Koch family is deliriously happy with Trump, he’s given them everything they’ve been after for decades. They want to keep him in power by maintaining the GOP congressional majority.

Voting Machine Easily Compromised at Las Vegas Convention – (Russian?) Hacking Is Major Threat in 2018 Elections

So what can we do? The best line of defense, when voting machines have no security and the Russians are known for their hacking abilities, is to bypass Election Day by voting early, or absentee with mail in ballots.

How Hackers Broke Into U.S. Voting Machines in Less Than 2 Hours

At the very least, check your registration at vote.GOV. Make sure you are still listed at the correct address.

Register to vote


One thought on “Koch and Trump— There’s Something Happening Here…

  1. Great advice for American voters. It’s the one thing they can’t take away from you. VOTE at every opportunity and bypass the system if you have to.

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