This Week’s Top News Limericks

Vast majority of new wealth last year went to top 1%

Trump’s priorities are bought and sold

When examined injustice unfolds:

His tax cut supplies

Worlds 3 richest guys

With more cash than the poor half, I’m told

Cut Food Stamps Because We Already Won The War On Poverty, White House Says

Meanwhile Trump’s taking food stamps away

Claims the poor will do fine either way

He says to the room

“Economy booms”

Welfare cuts quietly underway

Trump Is Draining HIV Treatment Programs To Pay For Child Detainment

Aids funds are reallocated

Kidnapped abusers compensated


Of government funds

Pence: 2 birds one stone… is he sated?

Fossil fuel industry spent nearly $2 billion to kill U.S. climate action, new study finds – ThinkProgress

The fossil fuel industry spent

Nearly $2 billion with this president

In U.S. to kill

Climate action, still

With $4 trillion- it’s not even a dent

GOP Senators: Trump’s Obvious Russia Lie Good Enough for Us

Marco Rubio, always a whore,

NRA, Trump’s treason and more

They pay him to say

Guns, Russia— okay

See his fear, today there’s a bit more

GOP super PAC linked to Paul Ryan used illegally hacked material against Democratic House candidates: report |

Blind to Russia, I give you Paul Ryan

“Tax cut was for you.”— ugh yea, he’s lyin’

GOP super pac

Illegally hacked

Linked to Paul, now we know what he’s hidin’


The winner of “Best Story” of the week

My favorite search engine by far

Is Google, I give it 5 Stars

An “Idiot” search

Guess what appears first

Hint, he’s golfing today…not on par

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