Florida, Florida, Florida (sigh…

Miami has declared a state of emergency because the mob of spring breakers has reached epic proportions. NBC News is reporting that the crowds are like those at a rock concert, and the streets are so crowded you can’t see the ground. An 8 pm curfew has been issued. Pardon the language, I stole the … Continue reading Florida, Florida, Florida (sigh…

Russian Television Offers Clarity

Russian State controlled television hosts regularly openly discuss Trump’s subservience to Putin. This week Evgeny Popov explained the recent “push” by the GOP for more severe sanctions against Russia as “an attempt to distance themselves from the perception", implying there is no serious consideration being given to sanctioning Russia. The bill is described by Sen. … Continue reading Russian Television Offers Clarity

This Week’s Top News Limericks

Vast majority of new wealth last year went to top 1% Trump’s priorities are bought and sold When examined injustice unfolds: His tax cut supplies Worlds 3 richest guys With more cash than the poor half, I’m told Cut Food Stamps Because We Already Won The War On Poverty, White House Says Meanwhile Trump's taking … Continue reading This Week’s Top News Limericks

Where is the Outcry?

Mueller has what he needs to prosecute them all— coffee boys to vice coffee boy, to the president of all U.S. coffee boys. The State of New York has enough on Trump's financial crimes to take down the whole fam damily. I'm tired of this. What is the hold up? The complicit GOP continues to … Continue reading Where is the Outcry?

Santorum and Rubio… a limerick

"How about kids instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that when there is a violent shooter [so] that you can actually respond to that?” ~Rick Santorum A quote by this CNN commentator Who's a former GOP legislator Gave … Continue reading Santorum and Rubio… a limerick