Walmart, By the Numbers

Trump and his spawn, and those members of the GOP who pushed hard on the tax-scam are using recent Walmart news as an example of how their corporate tax cut is working for the American people.

This week Walmart announced plans to gift employees a bonus, the average amount being $190 to each of their 1.4m US employees. After federal taxes that comes to $142.50 for each employee.

This bonus will cost Walmart a total of $266m.

Walmart had revenue of $480 billion in 2016 according to Fortune Global 500.

Walmart corporation also owns Sam’s Club. At the same time Walmart was announcing a one time bonus of $142.50 for their underpaid employees, 11,025 Sam’s Club employees showed up for work to find the doors closed and locked.

11,025 employees spread across the country in cities like— Houston, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Dayton, Mt Olive NJ, Syracuse, Rochester, Holland MI,, San Antonio, West Allis, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Jamestown, City of Industry CA, Manchester CT, Tampa, Lithonia GA, Batavia IL, Matteson IL, Naperville IL, Owing Mill Md, Goshen IN, Baton Rouge LA, Romeoville IL, Streamwood IL, Wheeling IL, Budd Lake NJ, Cincinnati, Loveland OH, Memphis, Renton WA, and Seattle—

were laid off without notice.

11,025 full-time employees lost jobs that paid them an average of $11/ hour this = $252m in annual wages

$266m, a 1X bonus for some Walmart employees

-$252m, a permanent loss in wages for Walmart’s/Sam’s Club employees

The layoffs more than offset the bonuses.

The Trumps are very happy to announce the bonuses and take credit.

The fact that Walmart’s Sam’s Club simultaneously announced massive LAYOFFS for 11,025 employees— fired without notice isn’t worth mentioning.

These are 11,025 people the Trump family can not relate to, enduring problems the Trumps will never understand, or even acknowledge.

McConnell, the GOP, Donald Trump, Trump Junior, and Ivanka Champaign Popsicle, pick and choose the part of the story that suits their narrative, to evoke the desired response, big picture be damned.


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