What Have We Stepped In?

I feel like I have been working hard for years, saving my spare pennies for a long time, and I finally decided to treat myself to that pair shoes I’ve always wanted, quality shoes, classy and smart. In these shoes I stand taller and walk with a spring in my step. It’s like a dream, and I am walking on a cloud.

Then I step in something.

My shoes are ruined. I shrivel into my former self. It’s like I’m looking in the mirror on the morning after a long hard night of partying, at a party I did not want to attend.

I’m metaphorically hung over. The shoes in this story are America, and the “party” is Donald Trump.

We spent years getting to the point we were at when this party started. We looked our best. We were informed, progressive, open minded, equality for women and minorities was improving… if slowly, our priorities were fixing healthcare, education, the environment, and helping people who were outside of our own demographic. We could string words together to form coherent sentences, above a third grade comprehension level.

Then we found ourselves at this party. How fragile what we had was, and how many people rejoice in our demise.

Key phrases in this weeks news headlines—

Shit-hole countries: We heard an account, by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, of what goes on behind closed doors at the White House.

In a nutshell, Trump makes unconscionable racist slurs denigrating entire nations, while GOP members don’t recall any of it, and the KKK celebrates the reaffirmation that Donald Trump shares their values. “Cultural Insensitivity” is the forgiving slant given to this racism.

Pretty Korean Lady: We hear the re-telling of Trump interrupting an intel- briefing to ask a woman where she is from. She said “New York.” He asked: “No really, where are you from?” She responded again: “I’m from Manhattan, just like you.” He did not accept her answer, asking again: “Where are your people from?” She said: “My parents came from Korea.” Trump turned to someone next to him and asked why the “pretty Korean lady” isn’t negotiating with North Korea on their behalf. The woman is a career intelligence analyst specializing in hostage policy.

Stormy Davis: We learned Donald Trump paid an adult film star $130,000 in exchange for her signature on a non-disclosure agreement to keep quiet about a sexual encounter they had, which occurred four months after Melania (wife #3) had given birth to their child.

We learned Trump similarly paid off numerous women and, regardless of these depravities, Trump maintains 80% approval by Evangelical Christians. (Atheism anyone?)

Fancy Bear: We learn Russian hackers from the group known as “Fancy Bear” are currently targeting the upcoming U.S. Senate race with an espionage campaign, according to cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.

This is just some of what we stepped in this week. It disgusts me.

“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman” on Netflix https://www.netflix.com/title/80209096?s=i&trkid=13752289

Then I watched David Letterman interview Barack Obama on Netflix, and the feeling of disgust morphed into a profound sadness at the realization of how far we have fallen.

We need a sturdy pair of climbing shoes.


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6 thoughts on “What Have We Stepped In?

  1. I have to tell you, my friend, that as a black woman in America none of this comes as a surprise. Being black you see and feel racism regularly. We now have a President who has shined a light on it and given it a bigger and louder voice. We really haven’t progressed as much as some people would like to believe. I too seemed to forget that there are people that hate me just because of the color of my skin but this “new and transparent” world we are living in has wakened me up. “The struggle is STILL real!” The election of this President is a wake-up call for all of us. White supremacist don’t just don white sheets and pointy hats. They are wear suits and ties, and like the KKK who were running scared when black people we reno longer under their thumb, they are now running scared because they are about to be outnumbered by black and brown people.

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