Trump’s Morning… conjecture

The lunatic has risen from his disturbed sleep, plagued with reoccurring nightmares of indictment: mime golfing in a concrete prison ground, skin sallow, hair glue dissolving, prison food, (a single scoop at best), phone confiscated, they even took his loooong red tie… why?

He wipes the crusty sleep from his swollen eyes, prying them open with his stubby fingers, as he feels around for his glasses and hair, inadvertently knocking his 2 liter bottle of adderall to the floor… “WHO PUT THAT THERE?!”

Although he is incapable of articulating his thoughts, he sits back against the mound of pillows, encased in 1,000,000 thread Saudi cotton, and asks himself why he did it.

He is unable to pushback against feelings of despair rising in his soul, with the understanding his criminal endeavors would never have been scrutinized to this extent had he not run for precedent, (president). A threatening letter sent by his attorney, (the rat), would have made any threat disappear in the… good old days.

Moisture on his cheeks! Is he bleeding? No, it’s some strange salty clear liquid.

His thoughts resume: stupid, stupid, stupid. But Putin would never have allowed him to lose.

Now he awaits his daily instructions. They come through back channels set up by his disappointing son in-law.

His mind wanders to Ivanka, and his sadness intensifies.

He turns on “Fox and Friends” as he presses the call button next to his bed, shouting: “bring me my phone and a hamberder.”

Liar in Chief tells Propaganda TV News host: (limerick)

“I haven’t actually left the White House in months.” ~Donny Two Scoops, January 12, 2019


December 26, 2018

Did Agent Orange forget Iraq? Seems so

Staged photo-op, Seal Team 5 he exposed

Tangerine Tyrant,

Cadet Bonespurs spent

A 3 hour tour… Tweeto Benito

Dec 27, 2018

Hair Führer, Twitler, Lord Cheetolini

Red hats for troops “in harms way” Germany

BLOTUS Lyin King

Damage controlling

Angry Yam’s first visit… finally:


Manbaby Feltersnatch, Anita Wahl

In Texas with Cruz, speaking his faux drawl,

The “border crisis”

That doesn’t exist

Fat Nixon, Traitor Benedict Donald

Joe Manchin Thinks it’s His Place to Apologize for an Unrelated Adult Woman

**This post contains profanity. It is not meant to be read by the pearl clutching faint of heart who are easily indisposed by the vapours.

W/VA Senator Joe Manchon, Republican in Democratic clothing, has been on the press circuit apologizing for a comment made by a new congresswoman, Democrat Rashida Tlaib.

Senator Manchin, who is not her father, is apologizing on her behalf for her use of the following statement- “We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker.”, “the motherfucker” in question being motherfucker Donald Trump.

Senator Joe Manchin was on FOX News, a Democratic Senator performing on GOP propaganda TV, calling her statement: “horrible,” “disgusting,” “deplorable.”

Side note: Senator Joe Manchin was the only Democrat who voted for blackout drunk frat boy, sexual predator, and repeated perjurer, Brett “I liked beer… I STILL LIKE BEER.” Kavanaugh, now sitting in a lifetime appointment in the Supreme Court.

Incidentally that SCOTUS appointment, that would not have passed without Manchin’s aye, mandates all 83 credible misconduct cases against him be dismissed… and they were:

Federal Panel Of Judges Dismisses All 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh

Here is what Manchin said with regards to his Kavanaugh vote:

Manchin also likes to say the word “shit”… a lot. Should we go through all curse words and assign them a value with regards to their offensiveness?

Also, and more importantly, Senator Joe Manchin has never condemned Donald Trump for his vulgar behavior. Need I repeat that motherfuckers long list of profanity, while bragging of sexual assault, or that used with regards to any who oppose him?

According to Manchin, and Trump, and the GOP, there are rules of decorum for women, especially those who are not of the Christian and lilly white genus, but there are no rules for Donald Trump, his GOP accomplices, or any of his sexual predator friends.

What’s this related story?…

CEO of EpiPen Maker Mylan Sees 671% Compensation Increase In 8 Years

Remember the EpiPen price jump of 400%? I’ll remind you.

The lifesaving device, which contains $1’s worth of epinephrine, jumped to over $600… per pen. The device is sold in Canada for as low as $50.

Imposing said price hike of the lifesaving epinephrine device was Mylan Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Heather Bresch. She gave herself a raise for that move. Her annual salary rose 671%, from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

By the end of 2017, continued public outcry over her pricing of EpiPen forced her to sell a generic version for $300.

CEO who gouged EpiPen price is daughter of Democratic senator

Whadda ya know, Bresch is Manchin’s daughter.

That’s not all. She is a tax evader.

Mylan moving overseas in tax play | News, Sports, Jobs – Weirton Daily Times

Pop quiz time.

  1. Joe Manchin apologized to “all Americans, any sitting Congress person” for lawmaker Tlaib’s colorful call for Trump’s impeachment, but did he ever apologize for his daughter when she evaded taxes by moving her company out of the U.S., pocketing tens of millions of dollars in tax savings?
  2. Did Joe Manchin apologize when his daughter, Heather Bresch, endangered the lives of so many, when she priced them out of EpiPens?
  • Answer Key:
  • No to both.
  • Manchin slams ‘horrible’ comments from Dem calling for Trump impeachment: ‘So disgusting’

    Fuck Joe Manchin.

    Sunday Morning Twerking Trump

    Donald J.Trump has re-defined the word “twerking”— In days of yore twerking was a “dance”, frowned upon in school gymnasiums nationwide, primarily engaging the gluteus maximus (junk in the trunk). In modern times, it is what the ass-hat in chief, Donald J.Trump, does on any given day. He is tweeting, and claiming to work— twerking.

    He says he’s working, but he’s tweeting and golfing.

    Perhaps he thinks himself a pro golfer. We are essentially paying him to golf, $74 million to date in taxpayer dollars, so he is technically correct. How much do other golf pros make?

    Trump Golf Count

    Donald J. Trump is currently on a two week, taxpayer funded twerking vacation. Two weeks, for a man who has spent 1 in 3 days since his (astounding crowd size) inauguration, at one of his properties.

    Tracking the President’s Visits to Trump Properties – The New York Times

    Donald J. Trump’s haphazard spending of our tax dollars brings to mind the question of his contribution to the tax tills . When are we going to see them?

    Let me state the obvious: Donald Trump is a liar.

    Let’s examine one of this morning’s many tweets:

    *False— Real earnings for all Americans have decreased since his tax scam.

    The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017

    If only we were all in the top 1%…

    ‘Eye-popping’ payouts for CEOs follow Trump’s tax cuts – POLITICO


    *False, false, false, and false—

    The dossier is real, Donald J. Trump is a traitor, Fox is propaganda, and Bob Mueller is a Republican war hero.

    This next one is a day old loaf—

    Where to begin? Does anyone else detect the blatant racism in this tweet— jumping from employment numbers for African Americans and Hispanics, to prison reform?

    “Now I’m pushing for prison reform…” ~Donald J Trump


    “Prison reform” is code for privatization of prisons. Prison for profit— another Trump scam:

    “I’m proud to have fought for and secured the LOWEST African American and Hispanic unemployment rates in history.” ~Donald J. Trump


    He has done nothing in this regard except ride in Obama’s wake.

    “I will never stop fighting for Americans.” ~Donald J Trump

    Hmm… *False—

    Why did he hire only one American worker last year for Mar-a-LaGo resort? Thousands of Americans applied but he, as always, brought in temporary low wage earning guest workers from other countries. He increased the H2B visa program last year…for himself. This explains how he “fought”, for himself.

    I wish we could go back to the days when twerking was just an obnoxious dance.

    Headlines Based on Assumption

    Politico: “Poll: Trump reelection bid begins in a hole”

    Democrats will take congress it’s clear.

    Trump’s reign ends before this term, have no fear

    Why then Politico?

    You’re most oft in the know.

    I guess Trump time does pass like dog years


    CNBC: “President Trump told Lesley Stahl he bashes press ‘to demean you and discredit you so … no one will believe’ negative stories about him”

    Leslie Stahl asks, like she hasn’t a clue,

    Trump answers in truth, it’s so rare, it’s news

    Blatant fascist reveal

    Time we stormed the bastille

    Mutiny, insurrection, a coup, Waterloo


    BBC NEWS: “Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war”

    Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war – BBC News

    BBC, a good source of world news,

    Their reports aren’t Foxed, or led askew,

    The world, like a friend,

    Sees us through a lens

    We’re too close for an objective view


    The Hill: “Pence says Venezuela election a ‘sham'”

    Pence: Venezuela election a ‘sham’ | TheHill

    There once was a VP named Mike

    Who called “mother” when he meant “wife”

    Cheated the US

    But couldn’t suppress

    Irk when Venezuela acted a like


    Washington Post: “‘SPYGATE’: Trump steps up attacks on FBI’s probes during campaign”

    Nunes and his “intel” committee

    Want Mueller’s report given freely

    Informants labeled spies

    Naming names, threatening lives

    Goal— discredit intel agency


    The Hill: “Candidate endorsed by Pence loses Texas House primary”

    It seems Pence isn’t so respected

    If you want to be elected,

    Don’t mention these guys

    No matter their lies

    The GOP won’t remain unaffected

    <a href=””>Assumption</a&gt;

    Laura Ingraham Proves Cyberbullying Doesn’t Pay… a limerick

    Laura Ingraham is a Fox News host

    She’s contemptibly bitter, foremost,

    Has trouble discerning

    Right from wrong concerning

    That which makes a worthwhile twitter post

    Survivor of Parkland’s mass- shooting,

    This high school teen is executing

    His 1st Amendment right

    Lucid gun laws, his fight

    Why target him? It’s convoluting


    As likability goes, it’s true

    A bullying bigoted shrew

    Or a well spoken child

    The one most reviled

    It’s the bully who’ll likely get screwed


    David Hogg responded in a way

    Many millennials might today

    An online battle cry

    Grab your wallet don’t buy…

    Advertisers were quick to nay say


    First Rachel Ray’s Nutrish quit the show,

    Trip Adivser, Wayfair, Nutrisse, Hulu,

    Johnson & Johnson— gone

    Jos. A. Banks withdrawn

    Expedia… who’ll be left? Who can know?

    That “apology” seems insincere

    Non repentant, a feigned pious sneer

    Fox reserves loyalty,

    To advert money,

    O’Reilly’s fate might repeat, poor dear


    <a href=””>Betrayed</a&gt;