A Trumpworthy Tax Plan 

* Warning- this limerick might be offensive to someone somewhere… 

Donald Trump has a new tax plan 

Not quite what he said when he ran 

Sorry SAD! middle class

For your well used crevass

This tax cut is just for THE MAN

~~~Corporate greed is the root of all evil.~~~

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4 thoughts on “A Trumpworthy Tax Plan 

  1. Actually he did exactly what he said he’d do, Lydia. He said no one knew how to fix the tax system better than he did. Clearly, the part those hopeful voters didn’t hear was that he’d maximize it for himself. xoM

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      1. Yes, he is. I wish the press would stop calling him “unpredictable.” There’s nothing surprising about his actions. We’ve seen them time and time again over the past forty years! 😉 xoM

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