Chaffetz “Emergency” Elective Surgery

“doctors now recommend immediate surgery to remove all the hardware or I could be at risk for serious infection.” 

It is urgent that Jason Chaffetz take 3-4 weeks off to go under the knife immediately because several screws that have called his foot home for the past 14 years want out. It’s been long enough, they won’t stay one more day.

After announcing he will not run for reelection, then revealing his intentions to leave office before even this term is up, Jason Chaffetz, who is under federal investigation for campaign donation fraud with links to Russia, has an exit strategy—”emergency” elective surgery. His job requires him to issue subpoenas, but he calls in sick. He is as obvious as a child faking illness to avoid a test. 

Or perhaps the screws have turned on him in the same way his constituents did when it became clear he has been working with only his interests in mind— and maybe Trump’s, which means Putin. Jason Chaffetz will be off work to recuperate for 3 – 4 weeks. 

Another reason his screws constitue an “emergency” might be the latest healthcare reform proposal. It is unlikely pre-existing conditions will be covered, and his foot is clearly a prexisting condition. He’s smart to take care of this before the bill he has championed is signed. This is serious…he said so. Perchance surgeons might ameliorate another conundrum—his missing spine.

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