Article of Impeachment Delivered

Happy Monday! That is an example of an oxymoron.

On this “happy Monday,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has delivered the article of impeachment for incitement of insurrection by Donald Trump to Senate Majority leader Moscow Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer. That is happy news.

The Senate will begin its trial, deliberating whether or not to convict him on February 08, 2021. A conviction would mean not only that Trump can not hold a political office again, but it would also end his post-presidential perks like secret service protection. Why should taxpayers pay for the security of his wealthy children?

The delay before the trial is a result of negotiations between Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Minority Leader McConnell. Mitch seems to be testing the water with Schumer, like a child escalating bad behavior until parents end it. Schumer is holding his own.

The GOP wants us to forget the January 6 coup attempt orchestrated by its members, because it was an inside job, and it resulted in death. More nefarious plans fell through, but Trump’s impeachment trial will expose them.

Hey, look at that wrist! Joe Biden owns an expensive watch! 🙄

This hiatus that McConnell negotiated will end up hurting Trump and the entire Republican Party in the long run because with each passing day our scope of knowledge regarding the insurrectionist’s plans and their coordination with members of Congress and the White House widens. The following clip is from the Washington Post:

Unity and healing will come after accountability and consequences, so let’s stay focused.

We have learned that pardoned traitor, former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s brother, Lieutenant General Charles A. Flynn, played a part in the events of January 06, a fact the army denied for days. He had been in on the phone call during which the Capitol Police and D.C. officials pleaded with the Pentagon to dispatch the National Guard.

Charles Flynn statement issued a statement confirming his involvement to The Washington Post:

Top Army officials delayed taking action to intercede in the riot. Without the delay, five lives might have been spared. The events certainly wouldn’t have escalated to the level they did.

Consider the rapid military response that took place to clear the streets of peaceful protesters so Trump could parade to the front of a church he had never entered for a photoshoot, (holding a Bible upside down.)

You may have heard the news that a Tennessee judge ordered the release of the man photographed with a handful of flex cuffs.

The same was reported about the man photographed with his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, and again later outside holding her mail.

This news was beyond the pale. Senior political affairs contributor for Politico, Josh Gerstein, was kind enough to dumb it down for me.

Okay, they’re still locked up. Why does the media not make that clear? Why do they mislead us to the point of, I don’t know, rioting?

Speaking of members of Congress taking part in the attempted coup, two of said traitors begged Trump to issue them a pardon for the insurrection. 🤔 That’s a tell. No members of Congress have been charged yet, but now we can guess that Biggs and Gosar are feeling guilty. Trump didn’t comply with their request. No pardon for you!

Pardons may not have mattered regardless. Legal experts say the pardons Trump’s legal team drafted were sloppy and can be reversed.

Arizona Representative Paul Gosar’s name may sound familiar because he is the guy whose family put out an attack ad against him in 2018. The ad went viral. His siblings urged people not to vote for him. The ad can be seen here-👇🏼

Josh Hawley knows the end is near.

Ted Cruz should be calling this the end of his career, but he is the quintessential turd that won’t flush.

We recently learned that Donald Trump’s campaign organizers paid $2.7 Million for that pre-riot rally.

The crimes committed at the Capital are federal offenses. If convicted of a felony a defendant must serve 85% of their sentence. For the math-challenged, that means for a 20-year sentence one must serve at least 17 years.

I hope our long wait for the FBI to take action against the politicians behind the coup attempt is due to their diligence in collecting evidence. Once indictments are issued they will be airtight.

Meanwhile, the New York Attorney General “is closing in” on Trump, his three oldest children, and his tax lawyers.

Fun fact: Al Capone who evaded prison for decades was finally felled for tax evasion.

Let’s end with some Bernie’s mittens fun. I’m sharing what I found, not taking credit.

And this is the one I can’t stop watching. 👇🏼

5 thoughts on “Article of Impeachment Delivered

  1. I don’t know what the GOP is thinking. Are they that scared Trump is gonna start his own party–the MAGA party. WTH? He needs to be stopped. How do they not see that? The evidence on both sides is gonna be very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the Republican politicians are worried about their dirty laundry being exposed. Who knows what else is going on. The sources of “dark money” are probably still controlling things.

      If Trump is impeached he can’t run again. I believe he’ll go to jail, and his three oldest will too. The 3rd party threat can’t be followed through from a jail cell.
      I’m looking forward to watching this party self destruct.

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