From Inside the House

Does anyone remember the 1979 movie “When a Stranger Calls?” For you youngsters, 1979 was before the invention of caller ID. It was a time when kids and perverts of all ages made crank/obscene phone calls as a form of entertainment. I never saw the movie because the preview was enough to keep me up at night. The line: “the calls are coming from inside the house,” still gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Now imagine you’re an adult, and you have a job in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Some new hires show up and they’re villains— since we’re doing movie analogies I’ll say they’re right out of “Deliverance.” There is video footage on social media of them wielding guns and threatening you, by name or by party affiliation. No one seems to care.

On a day shortly after they arrived, your nightmares became reality. You were at work and a security guard spirited you into hiding, telling you, your life is in danger. You could hear the mob outside the door screaming for blood, your blood. You believe this is how you’ll die, on this day. By some miracle, (not by help from the White House,) you survive.

You find out this attack, was orchestrated and aided in part by your new co-workers, many of the long-time GOP, and the (then) President of the United States who watched the events unfold on a wall of televisions. His only comment was regret that the crowd was not an attractive group and that they seemed low class. He denied requests by the military to respond to calls for help. Five people died and more than 50 police officers were injured. Still, it seems no one cares.

Can you imagine going back to work with these same people? People who bypass metal detectors that were put in place specifically to keep them from bringing in weapons to work. The consequences they suffer for doing that: they might be fined.

You work fast to impeach the president despite the objections of a group of your coworkers. You wait to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate, at the request of their (then) Majority Leader.

The Senate must convict the man who was at the heart of the attempted coup, they have to cut off the head of the snake. You wait a week or two so the snake can finish his term in office because that was what Republican leaders asked you to do. As always, those same Republican leaders are now using that delay as an excuse not to convict him, saying he’s out of office so there is no point. Moscow Mitch and Donald Trump have been making phone calls asking senators not to convict him. Those phone calls are working. A vote was held on whether or not to hold a trial to convict Trump. Democrats won with a vote of 55. That means 45 Republican Senators voted against it. Their argument to the public is there is no point to convict him, and some argue it is unconstitutional because he’s not president anymore. Spoiler: it has been done before and legal scholars agree it is constitutional.

To convict Trump there needs to be a two-thirds vote, 66. It appears Democrats must convince eleven Senators to change their votes. Maybe that will happen after evidence is presented in the trial that causes a public outcry. Maybe not.

To address their argument that there is no point in impeaching him despite his new status as an ex-president, I’d like to say there are several.

The most important point is that history has proven that if a coup attempt goes unpunished it will be repeated, as happened with the Nazis. They were successful on their second attempt.

Another point is that not convicting treason sets a precedent that will make treason a viable option for politicians who don’t like the outcome of future elections.

The last point I’ll mention is- why should Trump get post-presidential perks? Why should American taxpayers fund Trump, a self-proclaimed billionaire (I know he’s lying,) a $1 million annual travel stipend? Why should we pay for the secret service to protect his millionaire spawn when they can afford to hire their security firm?

Mitch McConnell feigned outrage immediately following the attack on the Capital. Now he wants us to forget it.

“The calls are coming from inside the house.”

That chilling phrase has returned. A threat exists in the House of Representatives. Conspirators in the plot to overthrow the government are still working. Still, we are supposed to forget about it because it was unsuccessful.

“The enemy is within the House of Representatives,” ~Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday.

One of the enemies Madame Speaker was referring to was the Republican Representative from Georgia, Majorie Taylor Greene.

Among those she targeted was Speaker Pelosi herself. Greene ironically accused Pelosi of treason, and “liked” a Facebook post saying she should get a “bullet in the head.” In 2019 she said Pelosi will “suffer death or she’ll be in prison.”

CNN recently reported that Greene, on several occasions in 2018 and 2019, expressed support for “executing prominent Democratic politicians.”

Greene is a lunatic. She is also a bully who followed and harassed Parkland school shooting survivor, David Hogg. Her harassment began shortly after the shooting and her reasoning was that he spoke out against gun violence.

Incidentally, Republicans have put her on the education committee. This seems like a continuation of Trump’s habit of filling posts with the people who are most likely to cause destruction.

Another threatening new kid on the block is Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado. She reportedly paid someone to take the GED for her shortly before she ran for Congress. She has been accused of intentionally poisoning customers at her restaurant. She carries a gun with her and in a campaign ad, she said she’d bring her Glock to Congress.

Before the coup attempt, and during, her social media exchanges show she knew what was in the works, and tweeted Nancy Pelosi’s location during the insurrection. Why isn’t she in prison?

Boebert also has sparred with Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

Those two newbies share their belief in guns without restrictions, they believe in a myriad of crazy conspiracies and they belong to the QAnon group.

Photographs of another new member of Congress, former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville, have emerged placing him at the Trump Hotel on January 5, the day before the attempted coup. He denies he was there. Others at that meeting include former RAGA director Adam Piper, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Trump’s former National Security Advisor, pardoned traitor Michael Flynn, adviser Peter Navarro, Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and 2016 deputy campaign manager David Bossie. The meeting was allegedly to discuss their plans for the following day.

Despite his status as a member of a co-equal branch of government, Tommy Tuberville of Somerville, Alabama can not name the three branches of government.

Photos put Tuberville in Trump’s hotel on Jan. 5 despite denying meeting

How are these people members of Congress?

Add these other Republicans to the list of members of congress who should be expelled from congress and tried under 18 US Code 2384 – Seditious Conspiracy:

Biggs, Cawthorne, Gosar, and Rand Paul.

Susan Collins of Maine remains concerned. She wants Senators to “go easy” on Trump.

Kevin McCarthy, the GOP leader has visited Trump twice in Florida this past week. What are they planning? They’re planning the 2022 election. This is Trump attempting to blackmail Congress by threatening to “primary them” if they vote to convict him. He’s obstructing justice again. No one seems to care.

The Washington Post shared FBI messages that passed between someone in Congress and one of the people who broke into the Capitol Building intending to harm:

Tom all legislators are down in the Tunnels 3floors down,’ and ‘Go through back house chamber doors facing N left down hallway down steps.’”

The attack on January 6th came with assistance from inside the Capitol. Any Republican Senator who does not vote to convict Donald Trump is normalizing threats of murder. This will happen again but next time they might get it right.

How is it that politicians get away with behavior that, for anyone else, results in termination of employment, and arrest? Goat-boy faces 28 years in prison for his part in the attack.

The media needs to report who inside Congress was involved in the attack on January 6th. The public needs to understand that history has proven this will happen again if it goes unpunished. Trump must be convicted. Report the facts.

9 thoughts on “From Inside the House

  1. Didn’t you figure this would happen? The longer you wait, the more things mellow out and you ‘tend to forget.’ Let them watch the tapes all over again–especially where they yell for Buddy #2–Pence. This is crazy. Trump needs to be shut down for good.

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    1. You’re right, but to be fair, had Pelosi transferred the articles to the Senate when McConnell was still the Majority Leader he would have tossed like he did the first one. The GOP has become a dangerous group.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re right. Mitch had a slight change of heart. That changed back again. The GOP is dangerous and hateful. I cannot wait to see the argument Trump’s lawyers present. Rudy should watch and learn.

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  2. I feel like there is more to this (as if this isn’t enough). The Republicans do not want T to run in 2024, especially Cruz and Hawley, who both want to run themselves. McConnell wants to be the top of the Republican Party in power. I suspect that the Russians, and possibly the Chinese (who may be acting through the Russians) are continuing to pull stings to weaken America. Joe Biden scares them. He has been amazingly effective in a very short time. He, and his team, know where to look and what to look for.

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    1. I think so too. McCarthy’s visits to Florida are not normal, and Trump opening an ‘Office of the Former President’ in Florida is also not normal. Something else is going on.
      I’m glad Biden with all his experience is in office. He’s surrounding himself with the right people. Maybe they’ll figure things out before the next coup attempt.

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  3. Lydia–I am down here in Florida watching the weather up where you are. It looks horrendous. Are you gonna be OK? I know I can’t do anything to help, but I am thinking about you and hope you will be safe.

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