Bill Barr, the Electors, Rolling Out the Covid-19 Vaccine, and Party Hoppers

It’s Official-

Attorney General Bill Barr, who single-handedly rendered the Mueller investigation mute, the guy who announced pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide,” before it was ruled a “suicide,” the guy who, along with Moscow Mitch McConnell is responsible for Trump’s crime spree endurance, is our Attorney General, no more.

Barr has officially been resigned. We knew this was coming since the day he told the Associated Press that there was no evidence of any widespread voter fraud in this election.

Also official:

Trump has lost his re-election bid— again, and again, and again…

The electoral college did their job on Monday, and President-elect Joe Biden received his 306 votes, well over the magic number, 270.

Nazi Vampire employed by Trump, Stephan Miller, hit the news circuit in the days preceding the electoral college vote in an attempt to undermine it’s finality. He said that an independent electoral college had been installed and that they would unanimously vote for the loser. (My words.)

The Word of the Week— Sedition

The fake electors include:

  • Mesa resident Lori Osiecki

  • Melanie Hunsaker
  • Jamie Hunsaker
  • Donald Paul Schween
  • Federico Buck
  • Cynthia Franco
  • Sarai Franco
  • Stewart A. Hogue
  • Carrie Lundell
  • Christeen Taryn Moser
  • Danjee J. Moser
  • Jessica Panell
  • Peter Wang
  • Other seditious Americans include the following politicians who signed the petition that would have disenfranchised millions of Texas voters, for the sole purpose of keeping Trump in the White House.

    The FBI really should hold these people accountable for their actions.

    Let’s hope this is the last time we have to talk about the electoral college in practical terms. It is a detriment to our democracy and has done more damage to the entire world than any of our founding fathers could have possibly anticipated.

    And it is official:

    The administration of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is underway, primarily to medical personnel. It could staunch the agonizing loss of lives, now exceeding 3,000 a day in the U.S. Each state will prioritize the vaccine’s order of distribution. Believe it or not, it has been nearly a year since Covid-19 made itself known. Time is relative, and despite the seemingly endless increase in illness and death, what we have witnessed is warp speed vaccine development. From what I understand, the initial vaccine is followed by a booster three weeks later. There will not be enough vaccines to turn this ship away from the iceberg that is the coming winter, but, we can look forward to a better new normal.

    This week 2.9 million vaccines were delivered across the U.S. That is what we can expect until other companies such as Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson vaccines roll out their versions. Virologist, Dr. Faucci says it could be a full year before enough people are immunized to change the trajectory of this pandemic.

    P.S. Party hopping:

    I welcome any acknowledgment by Republicans that Trump and his administration have been destructive, however, Representative Paul Miller’s timing makes me believe his proclamation is disingenuous political posturing. He is a trailblazing poser to be followed by other top politicians who will try to save themselves and their dying careers after their Trump loyalty failed to reap promised rewards.

    Speaking of self-serving posers, Senate Majority leader Moscow Mitch McConnell has finally congratulated the Biden / Harris team for their win. Give me a break…Georgia, Georgia, the vote leads back to you. Please render McConnell insignificant.

    What say you?

    5 thoughts on “Bill Barr, the Electors, Rolling Out the Covid-19 Vaccine, and Party Hoppers

    1. Mitch’s little speech congratulating Joe & Kamala (drum role please) brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been real edgy the last few days. Now I know why.

      Roy Orbison is singing “It’s Over” on stage now ~ in my heart…

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