Covid Relief, the Sequel


Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell wishes you happy and please direct any thanks to him because he is giving you $600 of your own money while giving corporations more tax breaks, protection from responsibility should you contract Covid-19 at work due to their unsafe work environment, and more “forgivable loans.” What is a “forgivable loan?” It is the coolest kind of loan. The recipient doesn’t have to pay it back. It is a gift, and it is not for you.

But wait, there’s more— for the man. Billionaire’s, CEO’s and all their rich friends are getting more tax cuts. How is that possible? Instead of paying $775 in taxes, as Trump did, will they’ll get a refund? I don’t know. I don’t work here. It’s not my table. I’m on break. You’ll have to email headquarters. Call this 800 number. I give quit.

It took eight months of negotiations and a lot of concessions to squeeze $600 (of your money,) out of Mitch. Democrats gave in, as always. Moscow Mitch walked away smiling after 98% of his demands were met. This $600 will cost us far more in payback. Why weren’t we asked if it was worth it? It is not.

Timing is everything for this self-serving party:

  • This is meant to look like a GOP holiday bonus. They’re giving us our own money, and it took 8 months of negotiations. That’s $75 a month. They brought back “fvking Christmas.”
  • They hope the optics will help Georgia GOP Senate runoff candidates. “Vote for the party that gave you the relief bill.”
  • This is a distraction from the news of the Russian hack and its far-reaching fallout. Almost all of the Fortune 500 companies, and most government agencies, have been affected and infected with malware. Trump is now downplaying this Russian attack, the most successful computer breach in history.

More numbers:

  • Rapper and would-be presidential candidate, Kanye West, whose net worth is estimated at $1.3 billion and who is married to a reality tv star Kim Kardashian, (whose net worth is $780 million,) got between $2-$5 million for his clothing line.
    • Quarterback Tom Brady, with his net worth of $200 million, who is married to millionaire supermodel Gisele Bundchen, (worth $800 million,) got $1 million for his nutrition business.
    • Botox abusing televangelist, Joel Osteen, (who doesn’t pay taxes,) has an estimated net worth of $100 million. He drives a $350k Ferrari 458 Italia and owns a private jet. He is the same guy who locked his church doors to keep out the victims of Hurricane Harvey to protect the carpeting. He is absolved from paying taxes because he is sheltered by the religious organization exemption. That guy got $4.4 million in relief. That is our money. If I chose to tithe it wouldn’t be to him, but my freedom to choose (anything) belongs to the old white men of the Grand Old Party.

    American pandemic relief is a wealth gap retainer.

    The average American pays about $400 every month in student loan interest. Many are living on credit and paying that interest every month. This $600 will cover one month’s interest for many Americans. It will go straight to the banks that already have us by the throat.

    Pandemic relief in other countries is based on a percentage of wage income:

    • Japan: 100%
    • Netherlands: 90%
    • Norway: 90%
    • Germany: 87%
    • France: 84%
    • Italy: 80%
    • UK: 80%
    • Canada: 75%
    • America: 0%

    The ten richest people in the U.S. now own 1% of the wealth.

    We need those two Senate seats in Georgia, or we will not be able to turn this around.

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