No Tax For You… a poem

April 15,

It’s tax day

Poor and middle class

Will pay



Amazon, Chevron, Eli Lily

Halliburton, Duke Energy

General Motors, IBM

Honeywell, Occidental Petroleum


for 10 million Trump tax ‘cut’ actually increased taxes American families, report finds – ThinkProgress


Netflix, Deere, Devon Energy

CMS, Aramark… Who else? let’s see

Kinder Morgan— NOT ONE DIME

Trump Tax Scam… big Pharma time



How many died

Who couldn’t afford


This was evil’s reward:

Pharma Tax Cuts:

Pfizer: $2.8 Billion

Johnson & Johnson: $2.5 Billion

Merck: $1.2 Billion

Abbott Labs: $473 Million


Big tax cuts

Went to Big Pharma

STILL they jacked prices

That’s some bad Karma


4 pharma companies saved $7 billion from GOP tax law – Axios


“You’re much richer!”

Donald Trump argues

While hiding his taxes

From OUR view


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