DNC Night Three

“Donald Trump hasn’t grown into the job, because he can’t, and the consequences of that failure are severe. A hundred and seventy thousand Americans dead. Millions of jobs gone. While those at the top take in more than ever. Our worst impulses unleashed, our proud reputation around the world badly diminished, and our democratic institutions … Continue reading DNC Night Three

Friday Was a Very Good Day… a limerick

Yesterday was a very good day Rodger Stone was taken away The chants by the crowd “Lock him up!” roared loud Sanders: “Stone’s not linked to Trump.” Yeah, ok. ~ WHAT HAPPENED? ~ Unpaid FBI agents arrested Assange go between while he rested Under cover of night CNN guessed it right Stone surrendered led away … Continue reading Friday Was a Very Good Day… a limerick

A Documentary to Watch Today: “Active Measures”

Active Measures | Super Ltd Active Measures | Super Ltd If you haven’t yet, watch the new documentary “Active Measures,” released on Saturday August 31, and available on: iTunes, Hulu, or in Theaters. I've watched it... twice. (Dork) I have read and reread everything I could get my hands on over the past two years, … Continue reading A Documentary to Watch Today: “Active Measures”

Some Unoriginal Thoughts on John McCain… NOT a poem

I have a few unoriginal thoughts on John McCain. I'm sure others have expressed them all, much more eloquently than I will, but this what I choose to write about. Not sorry- my blog. You have heard, I’m sure, John McCain’s funeral was today. I was not his biggest fan, but I believe he was … Continue reading Some Unoriginal Thoughts on John McCain… NOT a poem

Melania Makin Copies

https://youtu.be/RcbiGsDMmCM FLotUS is to Plagiarism As PotUS is to... what rhymes... racism Ob(ama)sessed, these Trumps who cheat She copies, while he repeals every feat ~ In 2016 she stole from Michelle A speech from 08, it didn’t go well In this White House, what’s one more liddle cheat? I vant a platform, zees brochure is … Continue reading Melania Makin Copies