Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Clear your calendars for Wednesday. Tell your Trump-supporting acquaintances, your politically apathetic friends, and the willfully disinterested who don't realize our country is in a sinkhole, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will finally testify. Republican’s in Congress are preparing to use their allotted time to paint Robert Mueller, a Republican war hero, as biased, and … Continue reading Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

The Slow Death of Womens Rights

Alabama, Georgia, Ohio The Alabama Human Life Protection Act is an attack on women's health and freedom. This is one phase of a plan by the Federalist society to overturn reproductive rights nationally. Alabama: Alabama passed a ban on abortion, without exception for rape or incest; the measure is the most extreme anti-abortion law in … Continue reading The Slow Death of Womens Rights

Political Chaos, 4/13/2019

This has been a particularly disturbing week for anyone paying attention to the news, each new story overshadowing the previous one. Donald Trump and his appointees have become more brazen in their refusal to follow the law, that seems to be the theme. The story that kicked off the week, that of Trump’s latest fixer, … Continue reading Political Chaos, 4/13/2019

The I Words… a limerick

Will this of all things be Trump’s demise, Directing Cohen’s perjurious lies? Individual 1 Fauxtus Don the con There are tapes and witnesses eyes ~ Impeach Indict Incarcerate Do it all now before it's too late It's time to get tough There's more than enough To do this now, end the debate! President Trump Directed … Continue reading The I Words… a limerick


Please don’t tell me to let this go. I want this to end. I want to so stop scanning the news with hopes of more indictments. I don’t have to worry about Social Security disappearing. I want healthcare. I want to go back to micromanaging my wee (not so wee) spawn. (They are doing fine, but this is … Continue reading Ugh!

SCOTUS Nominee Committed Perjury Multiple Times This Week

If you really want to understand who a person is, don't ask the GOP. The following is a petition making the rounds among Kavanaugh's fellow Yale allumai. They're worried about our democracy and believe Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. Open Letter from Yale Law Students, Alumni, and Educators Regarding Brett Kavanaugh For months, Senate Judiciary … Continue reading SCOTUS Nominee Committed Perjury Multiple Times This Week