Legislative Limericks

Trump tells the military he is glad

To give them the first raise they’ve had

In ten long hard years.

They’d like to make clear

They’ve had raises each year, grandad

Donald Trump was asked how he surmised

His nomination for the Nobel prize.

With a straight face,

He made his case—

“Everybody thinks I deserve it.” Then he ordered more fries

Trump makes a grand media display,

Like any bigly dictator may,

Three hostages released

Thank the chest pounding beast

Barack freed ELEVEN… I had to say

Giuliani says Trump did not know

Michael Cohen was receiving the dough

From: Many companies

Like AT&T

To make policy changes. It just worked out, so…

Deregulation- banks, drug companies,

Climate change, net neutrality,

Corporate tax cut …

All bills he signed… but

It was a happy coincidence… really. 🤑


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