Is This Great? Today’s News

There’s lots of news to filter through

It’s all strangely related

Donald Trump’s financial crimes accrued

He has repudiated


These stories are hushed in mainstream news

Not reported as they should

Possibly due to a tweet today

Threats to reporter’s livelihoods



A drug company called Novartis

Paid Cohen a tidy sum

$1.2 million to access

The ear of crime boss Donald Trump


Vekselberg, a Putin Oligarch

Who deals in metals and coins

Paid half a mill to the money shark

Trump’s Consigliere Michael Cohen


Who else has paid off Trump’s attorney?

My guess, hmm… AT&T?

A total of $600K

That from just one company


Why did they do it? What did they gain

Net neutrality signed away…

They can cut service and raise prices

This is called pay to play


Mike Cohen handled the money tin

Corporate cash from day to day

From banks, and from the Kremlin

Trump’s policies went their way.


Champion of deregulation

Climate, internet, and banks

And the Koch brothers own creation…

Tax plan for the rich… they say thanks


In other news, expect oil costs

To surge as a result

Of the Iran arms deal we lost

Grabbed by Putin, who Trump consults


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