Trump’s Budget… a limerick

We’ve seen extra copper now, for weeks,

Maybe Trump’s tax scam isn’t so bleak

But as warnings said

The deficit’s bled

$1.5 trillion, so now Trump seeks…



Medicaid by $1.1 trillion

Social Security by $72 billion

And Medicare by $266 billion


The wealthy have attained their windfall

A political storm caused it all

At a price, no lie,

The needy must die

They were misled, now the chips will fall




Cost to Taxpayers: $62,566,178**


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4 thoughts on “Trump’s Budget… a limerick

  1. I think the modern phrase is “OMG”. It covers a multitude of sins that we used to have time to articulate before the next barrage. No longer.
    Does any one else feel a bit PTSD (we used to call it “shell shocked”).


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