Laura Ingraham Proves Cyberbullying Doesn’t Pay… a limerick

Laura Ingraham is a Fox News host

She’s contemptibly bitter, foremost,

Has trouble discerning

Right from wrong concerning

That which makes a worthwhile twitter post

Survivor of Parkland’s mass- shooting,

This high school teen is executing

His 1st Amendment right

Lucid gun laws, his fight

Why target him? It’s convoluting


As likability goes, it’s true

A bullying bigoted shrew

Or a well spoken child

The one most reviled

It’s the bully who’ll likely get screwed


David Hogg responded in a way

Many millennials might today

An online battle cry

Grab your wallet don’t buy…

Advertisers were quick to nay say


First Rachel Ray’s Nutrish quit the show,

Trip Adivser, Wayfair, Nutrisse, Hulu,

Johnson & Johnson— gone

Jos. A. Banks withdrawn

Expedia… who’ll be left? Who can know?

That “apology” seems insincere

Non repentant, a feigned pious sneer

Fox reserves loyalty,

To advert money,

O’Reilly’s fate might repeat, poor dear


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