Victory Dance for Democracy 

GOP lost 2 govs alltogether

Dems gained 14 seats — latest measure

Results now finalized

Gloating’s undignified

As such, I’ll let others have the pleasure–


<a href=””>Dancing</a>&nbsp;

4 thoughts on “Victory Dance for Democracy 

  1. The Donald’s style – vulgar, brash, duplicitous, acidic, self-congratulatory, egotistical erg. has been well and truly rejected by the American voter … And more to come in 2018 if he doesn’t mend his ways

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    1. I think you’re premature in thinking that his style has been rejected. I believe that people are afraid of things like the roll back of affordable health care and other policies that will make getting by for average folks harder…and rightly so.


  2. I get a bad feeling about the euphoria, I think cautious optimism would be more appropriate, there is a long row to hoe. I also don’t like the way it is portrayed. It feels like a football game, not a government with serious issues like health care, tax plans, war…A single battle doesn’t determine the outcome of a war.

    Also, a response based on qualifications and solid policy, not things like race and gender, gives the right wing nuts less to go after, and they look worse when they do.

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    1. My biggest fear was a clean sweep by republicans. I really do think electronic voting machines are easily tampered with, and we need to end gerrymandering.
      Last night was a step toward a building democratic government for the majority, not for lobbyists and the 1% wealthiest. Without that we’ll lose healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. 401k’s won’t be enough to retire on. We can’t all be Walmart greeters when we hit retirement age. And if we don’t do something soon, on top of what we lose, we will pay higher taxes. We have many more steps before we can really celebrate, but I’m happy about the wins. It’s a start.

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