Roy Moore–What Would Joseph Do?

Roy Moore is a Candidate for the Senate

He’s Alabama’s GOP reprobate

Thirty sources, four victims— he can’t deny

So he enjoys dating teens— and by the by

16 is the age of consent in that state

Middle aged men have desires they need to sate

The Grand Old Party now has problems twofold 

First: for Roy Moore–girls of 16 are too old

He prefers his victims young as 14

Oh yes there is more, and it’s just as obscene

The Alabama auditor, Jim Ziegler

As told to the ‘Washington Examiner’

Mary too was a teen the Bible says so

“Nothing immoral or illegal here”–No.

Carpenter Joseph, you have heard the story,

Married Mary, a child, so not to worry

Jesus Christ is now their justification

There’s no decency, this is a lost nation

The GOP is endorsing pedophiles

Proof will soon show — it is also Trump’s lifestyle 


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