Racists (American) and Russians  ~~~~~~   a love ❤️ song  

I’ll Listen
Tell me what I want to hear Vlad
Won’t you whisper in my ear Vlad
About white people get screwed Vlad
Deep inside I think I knew Vlad
Your Facebook ads and fake news Vlad
Singled out blacks, Muslims and Jews Vlad
You validated my pent up hate Vlad
Let’s March with tikis – You pick the date Vlad
Dividing the U.S. Vlad
Is your goal I’d guess Vlad
That’s why it’s lucky for you Vlad
I couldn’t add two and two Vlad
The compass arrow south went Vlad
All but 32% Vlad
Now think Trump’s bigly bad Vlad 
So many have wised up – It’s so Sad! Vlad
I’ll always believe you Vlad
I’ll always…Listen


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