🎶 Lev and Donny T

🎼 🎤 Busted flat in Atlanta, waitin’ for a planeCaught for crimes includin’ blackmail’in UkraineIgor grabbed a deal, pleadin’ guilty when arraignedI’d no such luck and now I’m bound in chains 🎶 🎼 🎵🎶 🎼 🎵🎶 🎼 🎵🎶 🎼 🎵 🎶 🎤 I’d pulled my photos out of my Boca Raton CabanaI played the press … Continue reading 🎶 Lev and Donny T


I know everything is not about me, but this is my blog, so it kind of is. With everything happening to me as of late: hurricanes, fires, pandemics, earthquakes, sharknados, I have but one regret. I’m disappointed in myself because I’ve been writing so sporadically. My excuse is that I struggle with anxiety; lately, it's … Continue reading XLVII Days

Donald Trump Has Committed Treason

We knew he was a traitor, but news reports have revealed new details about the depth of Donald Trump's treasonous behavior. His response to Covid-19 has made me wonder. It’s almost as if he made a deal with the devil to kill as many Americans as possible. (Devil— enter stage Eastern Europe.) It has been … Continue reading Donald Trump Has Committed Treason

Racists (American) and Russians  ~~~~~~   a love ❤️ song  

I’ll Listen Tell me what I want to hear Vlad Won't you whisper in my ear Vlad About white people get screwed Vlad Deep inside I think I knew Vlad Your Facebook ads and fake news Vlad Singled out blacks, Muslims and Jews Vlad You validated my pent up hate Vlad Let’s March with tikis … Continue reading Racists (American) and Russians  ~~~~~~   a love ❤️ song  

I Can’t, But I Do

Sometimes alone  in my car, on my long commute to work, if I'm bored with my  audiobooks,  I roll up the windows and I sing... loud  off key,  the wrong pitch,  flat,  sharp, the cadence, like a drive through Iowa— flat. I sing along with Freddie Mercury.  It feels good. ________________________________ May 21, 2016, One … Continue reading I Can’t, But I Do

Childs Play 

There is a lack of music in my house. The dented saxophones have been buttoned up. The cello, due to an uninspired student, was rendered ornamental from the beginning, and has long since been returned to the rental store. Of the many guitars, most are missing strings, and they all rest on broken stands in … Continue reading Childs Play