There are some shady goings on in Washington, death threats for opposition to a Judicial nomination, and for victims who come forward to report crimes. Is this normal? It’s not normal, but it’s also not new. The woman who came forward to accuse pedophile Roy Moore of sexual assault received death threats before her house … Continue reading YOU CAN NOT STOP THE CONFIRMATION CLOCK

Everybody Hates Donald Trump

*Fair warning I excuse you from reading today's post because I am exercising my first amendment right to access my inner Scaramucci. Everybody hates Donald Trump. Relax MAGA hats, I’m not talking to you. I'm never talking to you. I will revise my statement regardless, because one should never make all or nothing statements. Everyone … Continue reading Everybody Hates Donald Trump

The GOP, Ex-Con Family Values

In 299 days, if we manage to have a fair election, free from Russian hacking and GOP gerrymandering, where there was red there will be a sea of blue. More women are running for Congress than ever before in history, 353 this year. Won’t it be refreshing to see women debating women's healthcare, rather than … Continue reading The GOP, Ex-Con Family Values

Did I Go Too Far?

I lost some “friends” with my post yesterday. I meant every word I wrote, but I normally filter my thoughts through a colander, yesterday I poured them all in, boiling water and all. I admit, I had been overtaken by rage because, although I expected it to happen, when I saw the news that the … Continue reading Did I Go Too Far?

The Moral Compass of Trump and His Faux Christian Base

In his dystopian world The fog filled sky Emits a mist of piss Heavy clouds Excrete pelts of bullshit That drop on unwitting Witless souls whose own Self doubt Manifests as racism God, they think it's God, speaks to them Through blondes and perverts Reciting propaganda On Fox Dictating— "Say Merry Christmas" Fashion themselves Christian … Continue reading The Moral Compass of Trump and His Faux Christian Base

Roy Moore – Get the Hook

A pedophile lost but won’t concede Desire for power— perhaps it’s greed Judge of other’s sin: Gays, migrants, women Why not, try him for his crimes— Godspeed__________________________ <a href="">Legend</a>