There are some shady goings on in Washington, death threats for opposition to a Judicial nomination, and for victims who come forward to report crimes. Is this normal?

It’s not normal, but it’s also not new. The woman who came forward to accuse pedophile Roy Moore of sexual assault received death threats before her house was burned to the ground, in what has been determined to be arson.

Anita Hill, who came forward to report the sexual harassment of now SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, recurved death threats.

The desperation we have seen on the GOP side of the Confirmation Committee has been more than a little strange. Lindsey Graham’s manic outburst would lead one to believe there is more at stake here than republicans having control of all three branches of government… for a time, and one would be correct.

And why is GW Bush interfering? Let’s look back a few years.

Before Trump, George W Bush was the all time worst president in the history of the US. He trashed our economy, he allowed 9/11 to take place, (my opinion), to have an excuse to start a war over oil with a country wholly unconnected to the attack.

Although he recently had an endearing moment, when he snuck Michele Obama candy during John McCain’s funeral, and I almost forgot who he is, he reminded me.

He is responsible for an unnecessary war, countless deaths and, like Donald Trump, he stole his election in 2000.

The 43rd President of the United States should have been Al Gore, not George W.

Al Gore, like Hillary, won the popular vote, and the electoral win for Gore was dependent the state of Florida, where George W Bush’s brother Jeb was Governor.

The Florida votes were still undecided in December of 2000, because of a state-mandated recount due to the narrow margin of election results, about 200 votes.


That was the point Brett Kavanaugh joined Bush’s legal team. They wanted to stop the ballot recount in Florida, because like today Republicans like to block truth.

A re-count of votes by hand was underway, but was halted thanks to the efforts of… current Supreme Court Judicial Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. He begged SCOTUS intervention to stop the re-count, and it was granted.

Imagine what the world would be like had Al Gore been allowed to serve. One thing we know for sure, the planet would be in a far better place. Another, there would have been no Iraq war. Millions would be alive who were killed as a result. Our economy, strong until Bush and his evil puppet master Dick Cheney’s kleptocratic policies destroyed world markets.

Brett Kavanaugh has longstanding ties to former President George W. Bush, as does his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh. They met while working for shrub.

It was Brett Kavanaugh who, in 2005, woke up George W. Bush in the middle of the night to have him sign legislation to keep Terri Schiavo, alive against the wishes of her husband. She was the Tampa Bay Area woman who had been declared brain dead after collapsing in her home in 1990. She had been kept alive for 15 years.

Brett Kavanaugh’s bio defines his ties to Bush “From July 2003 until his appointment to the court in 2006, he was Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary to President Bush.”

Kavanaugh, the former staff secretary to George W. Bush, also played a role in drafting the Ken Starr report into the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

Bush nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh to the position he has held since 2006 on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C.

Kavanaugh lied and denied during his first, failed nomination in 2002, but tried again in 2006, and was appointed. (His lie pertaining to emails stolen from Democrats on the senate.) He still maintains that lie regardless of several e-mails he sent titled “Spying” in which the subject was said e-mails.

Bush and Kavanaugh are both Yale alum who belonged to the same misogynistic frat house.

With such a common history it is no wonder Bush called every Senator this week, who is listed as “undecided” on the matter of Kavanaugh’s Judicial confirmation, to urge them to vote Brett Kavanaugh in.

That’s when I realized, Shrub could have dropped 20 lbs of Swedish fish (my fav) on Michelle Obama’s lap during McCain’s funeral, but it doesn’t change the fact that George W Bush is an unethical human being.

Jeff Flake, possibly the easiest Senator to persuade, is receiving threats for his insistence on a week long delay in the SCOTUS vote, and an FBI investigation into nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is hiding something.

Flake’s planned talk in Boston moved amid safety concerns – The Boston Globe


The desperate race with the clock by the GOP is motivated by self preservation. Some are compromised, some could be considered to have at least attempted to obstruct the Mueller investigation, many have ties to Russian money.

Remember when the Russians hacked the DNC e-mails? They also hacked the RNC e-mails. The Russians leaked the Democrat’s e-mails, to destroy them. They are holding the Republican’s e-mails, to control them.

They need Kavanaugh now because of the following:

This is the rush and what we thought was an arbitrary deadline was a machiavellian manipulation.

Senator Jeff Flake was successful in his request for. weeklong sabbatical during which the FBI is supposed to resume their Judge RapeyK background check.

It’s unfortunate Senator Flake is enduring the wrath of Trump’s base, and death threats, when you consider this FBI investigation is a farce.

Doh… Trump is lying!

You didn’t really expect Trump to allow an investigation into RapeyK, did you?

Even state news media Fox is reporting the truth on this one:

The GOP Senate has enough reason to vote no without further investigation. Kavanaugh showed himself to be an extension of the GOP. Judges are required to be neutral, but he made his disdain for democrats clear, and the Clintons, and the media.

The most confounding element in this confirmation are the blatant lies:

Kavanaugh has lied about EVERYTHING:

• Credit card debt payoff

• House down payment

• 2002 stolen emails

• Legal drinking age

• Drinking

• Devil’sTriangle

• Ralphing

• Boofing

• YALE admittance w/out connections

• Renata

• Watching Ford’s testimony—

And here GQ magazine lists more lies:

All of Brett Kavanaugh’s Lies

How many times was the phrase “under penalty of perjury” quoted during the confirmation?


Since Dr Ford’s testimony, the ACLU has come forward to opposes Kavanaugh.

the American Bar Association wants an FBI investigation.

“You libtards are getting what you want and your [sic] still complaining!” ~Several Random Idiots


– If FBI learns of others who can corroborate what the existing witnesses are saying, agents may NOT be able to contact them under the terms laid out by the White House

– FBI can NOT talk to supermarket where Mark Judge worked

– FBI can’t look into Kavanaugh’s drinking

Does this constitute Obstruction of Justiciary justice? (uneducated guess) It’s not a criminal investigation, so probably not.

I think we all need a laugh, so I’m attaching last night’s SNL opening skit.

Matt Damon plays angry Kavanaugh on ‘Saturday Night Live’


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