Susan Collins, King Maker

I am directing my anger today at Senator Susan Collins (R/ME), however it could easily be transferred to one of a number of equally deserving Senators. "We... ya know... I tell you what, I happen to know some United States Senators, one who is on the other side who is pretty aggressive. I’ve seen that … Continue reading Susan Collins, King Maker


There are some shady goings on in Washington, death threats for opposition to a Judicial nomination, and for victims who come forward to report crimes. Is this normal? It’s not normal, but it’s also not new. The woman who came forward to accuse pedophile Roy Moore of sexual assault received death threats before her house … Continue reading YOU CAN NOT STOP THE CONFIRMATION CLOCK

Last Ditch Efforts by the GOP

Kavanaugh's senior yearbook names a woman repeatedly, implying something other than what he claims it meant. "A date." Kavanaugh’s Yearbook Page Is ‘Horrible, Hurtful’ to a Woman It Named The GOP has searched far and wide for something they could latch onto in order to discredit Dr Blasey Ford. They found nothing in her background … Continue reading Last Ditch Efforts by the GOP

Senate Majority has Chosen “An Assistant”

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. The GOP mystery guest is... Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell from Maricopa County in Phoenix, the place most of us never heard of until Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had been convicted of criminal contempt of court. Now … Continue reading Senate Majority has Chosen “An Assistant”

Two Stupid Men on FOX

White Republican men on the Judiciary Committee have dug in their heels. Despite two formal allegations, and two pending allegations against their SCOTUS of choice, they'll only allow one victim to be heard, but none will be listened to. Only Dr Ford will testify on Thursday morning. None of the other allegations are worthy of … Continue reading Two Stupid Men on FOX

RapeyK Practicing the Truth

Since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward to share her story of assault by blackout drunk, frat boy, Judge Rapey Kavanaugh, heretofore referred to as RapeyK, she has been: threatened and harassed to the point that she felt, in order to keep her family and herself safe, they had to go into hiding, Someone hacked … Continue reading RapeyK Practicing the Truth