Impeach Me

Gaslighting is a common tactic in which a person or entity, to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works. Who gaslights? Abusers, dictators, narcissists, cult leaders, the current US Republican Party— and their supreme leader DT. Become enraged and call for Nancy Pelosi to be removed as Speaker of the House; … Continue reading Impeach Me

Who Called Flynn?

Today I want you to give you good news because there was good news this week We have received a sign that Special Counsel Mueller is not unaware Fred Flintstone has rolled over his work, and he’s not going to allow said Attorney General to continue to protect the obstructor in chief, by sitting on … Continue reading Who Called Flynn?

Barr’s Senate Hearing Didn’t End Well

Attorney General Bill Barr was sucker punched just prior to his scheduled Senate Hearing on Wednesday. The night prior to testifying, Tuesday, the public learned that on March 27, 2019, three days after Bill Barr has written and published his four-page summary of Robert Mueller's 448 page report, Robert Mueller wrote to Bill Barr, stating … Continue reading Barr’s Senate Hearing Didn’t End Well

McGahn… a limerick

Lindsey Graham doesn’t have a care About what Trump said to whom or where Trump ordered McGahn Fire Mueller, the plan: Take the blame... does that seem fair? Because McGahn never complied “It doesn’t matter what Trump tried” It is still obstruction Graham’s deduction Fabricated, I’ll say it, he lied Graham: 'I don't care' what … Continue reading McGahn… a limerick

A Fly on the Wall of the Oval Office…

Scene— [The Oval Office, March 26, 2019] The room, where much American History has taken place, is filled with a group of men: mostly gray haired, physically interchangeable, soft, fleshy, one is orange, one young, with dimples, wearing a pencil suit, another man of an indeterminate age, with an endless forehead, (possibly a vampire), a … Continue reading A Fly on the Wall of the Oval Office…

Leaky Pecker’s Self Harm Exposed by Dick Picks… a poem

Pecker made a deal For his immunity: Election fraud ignored For testimony Illegal acts void The agreed upon deal Failed extortion results: His freedom repealed ~ ~ Extorting those unwilling To be blackmailed Doesn’t work, it takes two Or the scheme has failed We’ve learned something Thanks to Pecker’s Bezos pics Well, the obvious, Don’t … Continue reading Leaky Pecker’s Self Harm Exposed by Dick Picks… a poem