Ted Cruz is a Jackass, Rachel Scott is a Badass, and Vegan Leather is Just Plastic

Politics this week is beyond infuriating, so I will escape the business in favor of a more general topic. Okay, there are two three subjects that I have to address first.

First: Republicans have sided with Putin over Biden during this week’s summit. Of which Republicans do I speak?

House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy who was overheard in June 2016 telling fellow Republicans that “there’s two people I think Putin pays: (Representative Dana) Rohrabacher and Trump,” An audiotape recording of the June 2016 exchange exists. McCarthy answers to Trump to this day. Trump called McCarthy during the January 6 insurrection. He also flew to Florida on January 28, 2021, as if Trump was still POTUS.

Anyway, Trump’s bitch, Kevin McCarthy, is now criticizing Biden, saying he was too easy on Putin.




Leningrad Lindsey (Graham,) is obviously compromised.

“It is very disturbing to hear President Biden suggest that it would hurt Putin’s standing if people throughout the world believed he interfered in our election or the elections of other nations.” ~Senator Graham


(Flyin’) Ted Cruz


Allow me to expound further on the flawed actions of the Senator who represents the Lone Star State.

Senator Cruz’s priorities this week include:

  • Cruz is encouraging passengers not to comply with mask procedures in place on U.S. airlines. He calls their mask requirement “performance theater.” The FAA should add domestic terrorist, Senator Cruz, to the no-fly list. His action undermines the authority of flight crews by inviting non-compliance with airline regulations, and as such interfering with their duties. That is a federal offense.

If people resolve to travel, wedged in a compressed metal tube while breathing in recycled air, calling for them to wear masks to protect each other and flight crews are the airline’s prerogative.

Ted Cruz should exercise restraint before disrupting the work of airline employees. The country’s largest carrier, American Airlines, employs 133,000 workers in Dallas Texas, and I imagine some of them vote.


  • Cruz had Congress take a moment of silence to remember embryos lost to abortion. Hold me back.


  • Cruz is also criticizing Biden for meeting with the leaders of the EU prior to the G7 Summit rather than address the “border crisis.”

Why hasn’t Ted Cruz been indicted for his part in the insurrection? He’s still provoking dissent and his actions need to be stopped.


Second: I enjoyed Biden’s faux pax yesterday. He accidentally (on purpose?) called President Putin, President Trump. Oops. He apologized immediately and corrected himself, but it cannot be unheard. It did sound like an honest mistake, but either way, take that shade, Pooty. President Biden has brought America the respect we lost with that other guy. I am proud of him.


Third: ABC Reporter, Rachel Scott, is my hero. Watch her exchange yesterday with Putin, and please let’s get her a food taster.

Putin seemed upset.

Okay, so like I said, no politics today.

What I wanted to discuss my experience shopping for a pocketbook this week. Mine fell apart. I have no discretionary income. My babies can go without lunch for a a while so that I don’t have to duct tape my wallet together. Don’t bother reporting me to the Department of Children and Family Services, my children are adults, and that was a joke. Also, I know there is a way to create a wallet made out of duct tape, but no, thank you.

I am a vegan. I rarely mention my eating habits, but it’s true. There is a lot of judgement out there about individuals like me. I suppose the consensus is that a lack of animal protein makes vegans stupid. While looking through a display of wallets, I noticed three price points aimed at different demographics. Some catered to people who don’t prioritize quality- cheap plastic with bad zippers. Others were a wide variety of leather, some with poor zippers, some good. Then there was something marketed for me, “vegan leather.”

What is “vegan leather?” It’s plastic with nicer tags and packaging at a much higher price point. Can we stop falling for marketing gimmicks?

A link to an older post that addresses the trials and tribulations, the persecution suffered by those of us who choose plant-based diets.


5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz is a Jackass, Rachel Scott is a Badass, and Vegan Leather is Just Plastic

  1. I like fabric wallets myself.
    Mr. Cruz is into performance theater. Almost everything he does qualifies: like making the claim that mask mandates on airplanes are performance theater. I can’t enumerate how many times I have fallen ill with a respiratory ailment soon after flying. ANd we all know we can’t trust our fellow Americans.

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    1. I’ve repeated this quote many times, but Al Franken said it perfectly-

      “I like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz.”

      I hate Ted Cruz too.

      Liked by 1 person

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