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I Nominate the (Vegan) Waffle House Hero

A tweet caught my eye with regards to Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr who, early Sunday, wrestled an assault rifle from the hands of a gunman who had just opened fire, killing four people and wounding at least three others.

The tweet described the hero as a graduate of Tennessee State, a vegan, and black. The tweet suggested there would be no comment from the White House on the event because… the hero is black.

Since the White House is currently occupied by White Suprematists, I would agree. Trump’s actual response to the event … (crickets).

But that’s not the point of this post. What stood out to me in the tweet was the word ‘VEGAN.’ The hero is a vegan.

(I am a vegan.) I share this information about myself only on a need to know basis.

Why? People don’t like us. They roll their eyes when they hear ‘vegan.’ I googled “vegan,” and the images on this post are what came up during my search. We are “annoying”.

My friends don’t like that I’m not “food friendly.” It makes their lives difficult. They can’t just throw a dead animal on the table and call it a meal if I’m invited. To be fair, I bring a vegan dish to share when I can… no one ever eats it.

My doctor doesn’t really like that I’m a vegan either. She tells me I’m vitamin deficient and lectures me about my red blood cells and white blood cells and how I’m low on both counts. What color blood cells are left?

So, that is my vegan experience within my cow eating circle, but why does the world at large hate us?

I’ve taken it upon myself to ask around, and these are my findings—

Vegans have a reputation for trying to push their vegan lifestyle on disinterested carcass eaters. I’m sure there are obnoxious vegans, but there are also obnoxious Christians, and there are obnoxious body builders, and obnoxious brides, and parents… and I could go on, but you get the idea. Some people will be obnoxious regardless of the topic of their soliloquy.

Vegans, I’m told, are “judgmental.” I personally don’t care if you destroy the rainforests by supporting animal agriculture. I just want to eat my avocado toast in peace. Just let me eat my toast.

My son (not a vegan) says people are jealous because they secretly wish they had the will power to be vegans too. Hmm. I think this paragraph is going to piss off a lot of beasts of prey. No one likes to be told they’re jealous.

What ever the reason, people hate us. I get it, and that’s why I’m a vegan on the down low. I don’t discuss it. It’s just one of many character flaws malnourished Lydia possesses. (We sometimes speak in third person.)

So, back to the Waffle House hero. When I read this tweet that Mr Shaw is a vegan, my first thought was— wow he didn’t look emaciated. So I googled, and read, and searched, until I found confirmation. He is indeed a vegan.

Seeeeeee, vegans can be heroes. I’m proud of him. He showed the world that a person can exist on a plant based diet and still have the strength to wrestle an assault rifle out of the hands of a naked, crazed, right wing, gun wielding, carnivore. (I’m guessing the killer is a carnivore.)

In my quest for truth, I watched several press conferences during which Mr Shaw was interviewed. He keeps saying he wasn’t trying to be a hero, he was just trying to stay alive. He’s a humble vegan. Vegans can be humble.

I also read that Mr Shaw was injured during the shooting. I assume he lost some blood, but somehow had enough red and white blood cells left to save a restaurant full of people.

Other facts about Mr Shaw: he opened a go-fund-me account to raise money for the victim’s families. When I started writing this post, more than $50,000 had been raised. He is a benevolent vegan, (a redundant phrase).

Shaw is a wire technician for AT&T.  He’s an employed vegan.

He was born and raised in Nashville. I didn’t know there were vegans in Nashville.

He has a 4-year-old daughter. I don’t know her dietary status.

Mr Shaw studied online to be an electrician technician at Brightwood College, demonstrating a sufficient level of vitamin B12 to provide him the requisite energy and motivation to focus on studies.

That theory is confirmed by the fact that he is also a graduate of Tennessee State University. Vegans can concentrate.

The world is a better place with Mr Shaw in it, and the vegan club needed a hero. Is there a vegan club? If so, I nominate James Shaw Jr to be Mayor of Vegan Club.


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