Count Down: Two Weeks

Buckle up. We are almost there. Don’t make me turn around. Are you ready for this nightmare to end? I am, and we have our first “last” to look forward to: Thursday night is the last presidential debate.

I’ve never been able to tolerate listening to Trump’s vitriolic vomit, I typically hit mute and read transcripts or captions until my brain explodes. Which is why yesterday’s news made me smile.

The next debate is taking our suggestion, the proposal many of us screamed at the television during the first debate. If you missed the first debate, this is what happened: Trump never shut up. That’s it. He spoke over future President Biden to drown him out. He didn’t want Biden’s message to be heard.

Well, this time, the candidates will speak for two minutes, at which point their microphones will be muted.

Hahaha. Sorry. Hahaha. Okay, I’m fine. Phffffhaha. Done.

Trump will be muted at the next debate, they promise, and I’ll be watching.

Moving on. We are exactly two weeks away from the election, and the unknown is weighing heavily on the minds of those of us who have been paying attention. Senate Minor Leader, Chuck Schumer, posted a guide this morning that will clear up some confusion.

Each state is different in how they count ballots and when they stop accepting them. This information explains why some states take so much longer post results than others. This is good to know; information is power. 16 20 Election Night Report 22.pdf

I am keeping my posts short and sweet this week, but I have two reminders:

  1. Ignore GOP tricks- last-minute ”discoveries” that leave no time to investigate their veracity, but may cloud your thinking. They are lies.
  2. If you are not among the 28 million people who have voted early, vote today. Bring a chair, pack a lunch. Don’t wait for Election Day chaos.

That’s it. Happy Tuesday!

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