Eleven Ah ha ha! Eleven Days Left to Vote!

We survived the presidential debates, and now we have no excuse not to vote early— today if your state allows it.

November 3rd is only eleven days away, and America’s first Putin placed POTUS is at the end of his noose. With an empty bag of tricks, his administration has resorted to following through with the plan they set into motion months ago. We heard about it when it happened. Russian agents hacked Burisma, the Ukrainian company Hunter Biden once worked for. They intended to plant “evidence” that could be used during the final lap of this election. And here we are. The claim is that these fake emails (creative,) planted by Russia and spread on social media, prove Hunter’s vile criminality. Coincidentally, the accusations against Hunter are the same crimes Trump has been accused of by dozens of people.

The intrinsic flaws in the accusations against Biden are as follows:

  1. Hunter Biden is not running for office. This political attack is not aimed at the candidate; the victim is the candidate’s son who is not a politician.
  2. Hunter Biden has been cleared of any illegal behavior.
  3. We’ve seen this ploy. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This is a 2020 version of the 2016 “but her emails.” I’m insulted that they think it will work a second time. Where is the creativity?

Surprisingly, Trump didn’t follow through with his plan to bait Biden with slanders against his son during the debate.

Instead Trump accused Biden of the following crimes that Trump himself is guilty of:

    Destroying Social Security
    Destroying Medicare
    Planning to take your private healthcare and replace it with socialized healthcare
    Doing nothing during the last pandemic— Huh?

“I take complete responsibility, it’s not my fault.” ~Donald Trump

Trump accused Biden of accomplishing nothing during his eight years in office:

“You’re all talk and no action, Joe.” ~Trump

Biden finally said the words:

“Because we had a Republican Congress.” ~Biden

In defiance of the constitution, Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans blocked the appointment of 105 federal judges nominated by President Obama, including a Supreme Court, throughout his eight years in office.

Today Mitch McConnell has appointed 218 federal judges and given Trump two Supreme Court Justice picks. He is working on a third.

Mainstream media reported the 12-0 vote that took place in the Senate Judiciary Committee, forwarding Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to a full Senate vote. They failed to mention that there were no democrats present when they voted, as is required by law.

Democrats boycotted the vote because, by Mitch McConnell’s own ”Merrick Garland rule,” no Supreme Court Justices shall be appointed during a president’s last year in office. McConnell had some mysterious bruises yesterday, which leads me to believe he slipped on all his bullshit.



On the subject of climate change:

Trump told Biden he knows more about windmills than he does and warned of that they create:

fumes coming up,” and “dead birds.”

Trump warned that a Biden presidency would result in “tiny little windows.”

I agree— huh?

Trump accused Biden of being a rich elitist who owns several homes.

Biden has two houses: one in Wilmington, Delaware purchased in 1996, and a vacation house that he purchased with proceeds from a book deal in 2017.

When the subject of the 545 migrant children whose parents can not be located since Trump ordered family separation, it sounded like Trump said “good,” but he may have said “go on.” Either way, his response to their plight was to say they’re being cared for.

“Kids were ripped from their parents’ arms, and now they can’t find their parents. Those kids are alone. With nowhere to go. It’s criminal.” ~Joe Biden


Republicans declare Trump the winner in last night’s debate. His drug of choice transition, from puppy uppers to doggy downers was a success, and if I were in charge I would consider rewarding his subdued improvisational lying with a participation trophy.

In other news:

Donald Trump is a counterintelligence threat. He has been outed for having a secret Chinese bank account.

Iran, and Russia, have taken specific actions to influence our elections. Trump’s team claims they were trying to hurt Trump.

You remember the pedophile madame for Jeffrey Epstein. Well, Mar a Lago, Trump’s Florida resort, appears 19 times in Ghislaine Maxwell deposition.

“We will never have to watch Donald Trump debate again.” ~I think Rachel Maddow said that first. While it is good news I will not celebrate until we have a human in office.

If you haven’t already, please vote.

5 thoughts on “Eleven Ah ha ha! Eleven Days Left to Vote!

  1. I voted early in person in Yuma, Arizona ~ and I’m glad I did. Is it true that President Trump is underfunding the U.S. Post Office to thwart fraudulent Democrat voters so that on November 3rd nobody will notice Russia hacking the final tally?

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    1. I have noticed my mail has slowed down. First-class mail is promised in 3-5 business days. I’ve been waiting 19 days for an envelope coming from three states away. That’s just one example.
      I wrote about Trump’s attack on USPS a couple of months ago. His newly appointed postmaster general, Louis DeJoy was given the singular task of sabotaging the mail-in vote. In the process he has dismantled hundreds of sorting machines throwing out parts, making it impossible to repair them. He’s ended overtime for postal employees, meaning if they don’t finish delivering or whatever their job is, they are told to leave it for the next day.
      If you have a mail-in ballot at this point I would deliver it to a dropbox in person. The election is in 5 business days. In normal times it would be risky to mail a ballot this late.
      As far as Russia, they are tampering with the election in several ways. The best way, the only way really, to outmaneuver them is with a landslide win. With the record number of early voters, it looks like that might happen.
      I encourage everyone to vote, take friends with you, offer elderly neighbors, and others a ride to the polls.


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