Fifteen Days Left to Vote

Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind.

William Shakespeare, King Lear

Over the last four years, I have said everything there is to say about this administration. Rather than repeat myself, or spread their latest propaganda by disputing it, I’ll only remind you that we are just 15 days away from the most important election this country has had.

As of Saturday, more than 26 million people have voted. Please vote today if you haven’t already.

Now please enjoy this photo of small dog wearing a purple sweater, and be thankful you can’t smell her breath.

16 thoughts on “Fifteen Days Left to Vote

  1. Trump was in Southern California yesterday for a fundraiser. There were dueling “fans” on opposite sides of the road — one group yelling “4 more years,” and the other “2 more weekw!”

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      1. It is — but — those who miss today can still register and vote with “provisional ballots” at voting centers on election day. It just takes a little longer to count, as registration happens as part of the ballot.

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  2. Sorry I don’t know specifics, but the early voting numbers in California have been huge — mostly mail-in ballots, and several times the volume of previous elections! And we have a wonderful tracking system — I took my ballot to the post office and had a clerk postmark it (no postage required, but stamped for date). The next day, I received both a phone call and an e-mail saying that “your ballot has been received and will be counted,” indicating that the signature on the envelope had already been checked!

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  3. On tonight’s news: last night somebody put burning paper inside one of the ballot boxes (almost impossible to do). The FBI is investigating — but there were some ballots destroyed. The tracking system will help determine whose, and there is still time for those to be replaced. Another reason to use the Postal Service!

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